Vikings: Hell

Greetings, fellow Vikings! In this episode, a character dies, a smaller character dies too, a fan-favourite goes MIA, we get a huge battle, something unexpected happens and a truth is revealed. Fun. Yeah, this might be the one episode in the second part of Season 5 I've actually enjoyed. Let's get on with it!

Oh, right. Spoilers up to and including Episode 15 (Hell) of Season 5 of Vikings ahead!

Sightings of God have been reported!
Ivar and his grunts burn and bury the Seer's body. People of Kattegat notice he's missing. Hvitserk finds fresh blood in his hut, and confronts Ivar saying he knows. Was it just me, or did Ivar really seem worried after his brother's words? In any case, the mad "God" goes on to reassure his people that he will find out who's responsible, and insists he's a God and that they should worship him, which they kind of do. Let's just hope the Seer's death plays a bigger role than just momentarily scaring Ivar.

Uhm... Yeah, smells like Ivar's madness!!!

Before the Battle for Wessex, we have a couple scenes of the preparations. Ubbe shows Alfred the Frankish catapults, which impresses the King. (When and where did Ubbe saw the Frakish catapults is beyond me). The new besties also have a bromance moment where Ubbe urges the King for his trust if the war is to be won. Aww. Cute. Heahmund breaks up with Lagertha over a nightmare - of hell - that scared his Bishop pants, she's actually upset and calls him out for loving his God more than he loves her, sad. (What happened with the whole "I'd go to hell for you?", man of a word he is not.) Torvi and Ubbe argue about the latter wearing his armband, he doesn't want to cause Odin and co. won't help him while he wears the Christian Cross, ends up wearing both, whatever.

Right before marching to battle, King Alfred deals with the traitor Cyneheard. He's imprisoned and left in the hands of a very weird Judith, now full-on torturer mode. Ubbe finds his way into Harald's camp and tells the King (Harald) that the King (Alfred) is willing to pay gold and silver in order for them to leave in peace. There's another religion argument and Harald reluctantly agrees to Ubbe's offer. Not soon after, Magnus also arrives to the camp and asks to join the Vikings. Harald is wary of this "Viking"'s motivations but at least learns that Alfred is with his army. Which means they're not negotiating, just stalling. Apparently the sons of Ragnar have made a fool out of him again.

No caption needed.

The next morning, Ubbe doesn't show up in Harald's camp, and the latter knows why. Still, the Vikings march ahead to face the Saxons. It's all set-up already and the Vikings are trapped between a fire (clever from Ubbe) and the Saxon army. The battle starts, random people die, there's fire and blood everywhere, the shows starts feeling like Vikings again. We see the battle in flashbacks while Alfred's giving an - obviously victory - speech. Soon after the start, Olavsson dies and Gunnhild (his wife) gets angry. Leadership over the Vikings is now Harald's alone.

It's a trap!

As it turns out, Heahmund's nightmare came true and he finds his death in battle while distracted admiring Lagertha fighting (can't blame the guy). His last words, unless I got it wrong from all the noises were screaming "Lagertha!". Our former Queen gets injured in her leg while watching his last lover die. Great. Then the unexpected happens, Björn gets injured by Gunnhild, then defeats her and spares her life. New romance in the horizon? She does have many similarities with Pórunn.

Are you the new Björn shot-lived romance!?

Björn, Ubbe and Torvi search for Lagertha in the battlefield, she's nowhere to be found. I think this is the end of our Queen. Perhaps she's going back to Kattegat to find her end, as the Seer prophesied, in the hands of a son of Ragnar (Ivar)? She's lost too much already, might want to just be done with it.

I think Lagertha's story is now over...

After the fight's over, the victory feast commences and soon after Judith reveals to Alfred what she has learned, that Aethelred (who saved his life in the battle) is the leader of the traitors! Oh, wait, we unnecessarily learnt that weeks ago. Still, big surprise for the King! We'd have to see what Alfred does with this information, given what has happened recently.

Quickly back to Kattegat, Ivar wants to "do more", since he's a "God" and all. And his wife, Freydis, feeds him more crazy things he eagerly believes. Oh, and he says he truly loves her, and she's the only person he'd ever loved besides his mum. Aww. Not. Crazy.

Alfred seems quite angry his brother wants him dead.
Sadly, Ragnar isn't there to explain him how normal that is.

At the end, we see Harald and the Vikings running away, seemingly lost, kind of without purpose. Magnus then does a speech saying soon the name Jesus Christ won't mean a thing. Oh, boy - sadly - way to be wrong.

Rating: 8/10. Great.

This is it, fellas! I hope you had a Merry Christmas! See you next year for next episode's review! Have a Happy New Year!!! Totes of love!

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