Vikigs: The Lost Moment

Greetings, fellow vikings! By Odin, spoilers ahead!

We're back with more Ivar Madness!

So, contrary to my believes after last episode's cliff hanger, Ivar didn't sacrifice Hvitserk, which was a crazy thing to do. Instead, he sacrificed "Lagertha". Yes, "Lagertha", or, more accurately, some random girl (a servant, most likely) who somewhat looked like a young Lagertha, and dressed like the former Queen of Kattegat. Yeah, not really any less insane than sacrificing his brother. Of course, people are not that stupid and most realized it was a ruse, and Ivar's army started giving away some love to those who spoke out loud, which the continue doing during the episode.

The face you make when you not only don't get sacrificed,
but also get a pretty girl with no effort. Happens. (Not really, no)

Now that Hvitserk is staying with us, we got a glimpse of his Björn-like skills of simply existing and having women fall for him. Again, does not happen for me. Sad. He talks to The Seer who tells him, well, as usual, not much, but gives a hint, Hvitserk will accomplish what others before him have failed to accomplish. What do you think? Will he manage to put some sense into Ivar? Will he defeat Ivar? Or is he talking about something else? Time will tell.

Speaking of The Seer, Ivar also visits him in the final scene and, quite literally, axes him out of the show. Why? Well, because he, too, failed to recognize him as a "God". Also, The Seer warns him he's being deceived - cough, cough, Freydis, cough, cough -; which probably didn't quite humour Ivar either. Oh, there's also Harald already plotting against him, but he had to see that one coming.

The Seer was, arguably, the most respected person in Kattegat.
Hope his murder makes an impact.

Harald. Well, like much of this episode, nothing really important happened with Harald. A couple boring conversations about love on the ship that's taking longer than ever to reach Wessex. Sometimes we see our Vikings going from Paris to Kattegat in one episode, Harald and co. have spent episode and a half between York and Wessex.

Harald's new love interest?
Will this one actually love him, for a change?
(Is it just me, or she has a thing with Jarl Olavsson?)

Also in Wessex, the plot against Alfred tried to murder him, well, trying is a big word. Aethelred chickened out at the last minute. Which was sad given that Ubbe and the others were already aware of the sketchy behaviour of the traitors. I wanted to see some blood in this episode, not from a slave girl sacrificed by a mad man, of an old blind man murdered by the same fool. Meanwhile, poorly-played and Bishop-again Heahmund continues his affair with Lagertha. Even stating he would go to hell for her. I mean, I would go to hell for Katheryn Winnick too.

Who wouldn't go to hell for Lagertha?

What else did we learn in Wessex? Björn is the only one foolish enough to believe in Magnus' lies, which probably won't end well for him. And, Alfred seeks to lead his army, and asked Ubbe to teach him how to fight, not like he had the seasoned warrior - also, his father - Aelthelwulf do that already.

Finally, the rest of this episode - and way too much of it - is spent at Iceland with Floki and the settlers nobody cares about. Someone died, Floki speaks with the dead, and the annoying family at blame for everything that has gone wrong is expelled from the settlement (By Odin! If that was an option, why did it take them so long to do it?). Well, without them it might actually be even more boring than it already is. At least there was some family drama, murders and revenge to be had.

Hopefully, this means less Iceland time.

Ratings are back!

2/10. Boring.

That's it! See you next week for more of this show they keep calling Vikings! See you later!

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