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Today I'm here to talk about a small, albeit rather important, part of being the public face of a business or brand: Your Twitter Bio. After all, people will link what you say with your company, whether you're the CEO, a tech guy or the social media manager. This isn't a bad thing, however, don't feel like you need to change, it's your personal Twitter account, after all. But, you can always improve.

She's Gaga, she doesn't need a bio.

I'm gonna encourage you to be yourself a lot during this post. Self-censorship is going to take you nowhere, if people want to follow a Twitter account that only talks movies, there's Rotten Tomatoes. Sports? They can follow ESPN. They want news? They got the amazing HuffPost! Let yours followers follow YOU.

So, to the point, what goes in your bio? There are many ways to go about this, I'm gonna assume you're neither famous, nor rich, so followers won't just find you. The simple way is to make it accurate. What do you do? Who are you? Add a @ for the company you work for, that way you'll appear in search results for people looking for it. Give it some of your personal style! Do try not to make it absolutely boring to read.

Go for people like yourself. Do you blog? Add a "blogger" to it. Using targeted words will let others know you have things in common, it doesn't matter if she's in Tokyo and you're in Argentina, #Gooners always like each other! On my bio, I list a couple things I love doing, cooking, gaming, blogging, it's all in there.

Flatter yourself! Think of your Twitter Bio as a 20XX resume! Now, now, don't go right out and say "I'm totes awesome!", but, if you did - or are currently doing - something cool, say it! The goal of a resume is to get hired, the goal of your Twitter Bio is to get followed, tell the world why you're worth following.

Or you can just be hilarious!
Use hashtags. And links, maybe! Twitter is a platform to connect, and nothing helps more to connect with others than those little precious #hashtags! You can even replace some of the targeted words we discussed before with them, if it suits you.

And, one more time. Be yourself.

Here's mine! Follow me!
What you shouldn't do. Do not offend anyone! That goes without saying. If you're going for a "funny" bio, make sure it's actually funny. As usual, more is less. And, something I learned just a bit ago while researching, don't add those disclaimers like "My thoughts are my own". It's a waste of time - and the much valuable space - and it's not a legal protection for anyone. Don't.

That's it, folks! Thanks for reading! See you next time! Oh, and, what's that Musubi thing on my Twitter Bio? Find out soon!!!

PD: Maybe this works for Instagram, Facebook, and other Social Networks. I don't use those as much, so I wouldn't know.

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