Listen to your elder's advice. I hope there was a way I would've learned that one sooner, but life's never that simple.

Two of the most important pieces of knowledge dropped on me came from very usual, but rather unexpected sources. My grandma, who didn't graduate high-school and never had a paid job (yeah, raising 4 kids and taking care of many others is a real job, but nobody pays you for it); and my grandpa, who, also, didn't make it to college, was the brother of 11 and is the father of 9. (Yes, you did that math right, he divorced my grandma and had another 5, good ol' times, huh?). I never met my grandparents on my dad's side, both dead long before I came to this world, so, as luck would have it, I likely missed on another 2 amazing pieces of advice.

Let's start with my grandma's one... Translated as best I can. "If you have to do something, shut the fuck up about it and do it." That was last week - 29 years, 1 month and 5 days after my birthday -, someone finally told me that one. And, to my shame, I realised I had always been a wee baby, obvious as it may seem to those who know me.

How often do we complain about things that we - specially when that we actually means every-fucking-one-of-us - have to do? Laundry, cooking, washing, cleaning. I mean, we don't have a choice there, we can bitch and whine about it, but we have to do them regardless, so, what's the point? Do them. Just. Do. It.

I see old people!
And then the most honest, selfish thing I ever heard my grandpa say - and we're talking about the most generous, unselfish person I've ever met -. He told me, during Xmas last year - yup, 28 years and about 4 months after I was born -, "If you really want something, if it's gonna make you happy, if you're 100% sure you'll be miserable without it, then go and get it, don't care about anybody else. Sometimes life won't give it to you, and then you'll know it wasn't meant to be, but you won't ever regret it".

Yeah, I know, I could've really figure that one out by myself, but, to be fair, I was always told that if in order to get something you must hurt others, it's not worth it. Thing is, life's about getting hurt, nobody can run away from that reality, I'm not saying we should all go screw everyone around us for no good reason, but, sometimes it is worth remembering it's our life, we only get to live it once. When we die, all we'll have then is our past, the memories of the things we did, those wonderful times when we were truly happy, and, hopefully, no regrets.

So, go out there, get what you really want, no matter the cost, and don't bitch about it.

See you next time,

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