Game of Thrones: Dragonstone - A Late Review

Well, that took a while! That applies to how long it took me to came back to my blog, how long it took for GoT Season 7 to start and how long it took me to write this review after the episode aired. Don't get old, guys, you get slow.

Spoilers ahead!
Dragonstone was BORING. As I've said multiple times since I watched the episode: It felt like a bloody costume parade... Let's showoff the new costumes our main staff will be sporting this season!

Yes, sure, it started with badass Arya killing a bunch of those Frey bastards, kudos. But everything after that was very meh!.

Jon Snow is gonna have issues with Sansa, courtesy of bastard-who-should-die-but-might-end-up-being-King Littlefinger (Lord Baelish, just in case he ends up in the throne). Cersei is pissing off Jaime, or so it seemed to me, the lack of future (an offspring) makes the whole dinasty she wants to build kinda pointless, my money is on the Kingslayer becoming the Queenslayer. Now they're teaming up with the crazy (er) Greyjoy (Gosh, he plays that character SO well!), bad news for Dany, but I won't make spoilers based on assumptions here, go Google what that "gift" might be if you don't care about book spoilers.

Bran looks more and more like a "bad" guy every day, don't get me wrong, he's not evil, he's gonna fight the Night King as much as he can, but he's not a Stark anymore, he's something else. Sam had some funny (and disgusting) screen time, which is good, cause at least it made me wake up a bit. By the way, there's Dragonglass at Dragonstone! NO. FUCKING. WAY! Really? Who saw this coming? Oh, yeah, everyone.

The Hound had a touching moment, if you're a freak that remembers EVERY little thing that happened in the show (like me), otherwise you might have been totally lost during that scene. He stole the only valuable possessions of the guy in that cabin, beated him and left him there to die with his daughter. Which they did. Sad. Redemption time by burying them? Yeah, sure, let's make the Hound a nice likeable guy. Jaime v2. Remember the butcher's boy? Yeah.

OMG GUYS! Ed Sheeran! Yeah, whatever. It's a (nice?) touch, I guess, he sang a bit, it's alright as long as Arya murders the shit out of him next episode.

Did I miss something? Oh, yes, Dany got to Dragonstone, with dragons and an army of outsiders. History repeats itself much? She touched that sand like it's the first time she ever stepped on a beach, which you might think it's true, except she HAD to have sailed from a beach to get there. Hah! Outsmarted all your asses there!

What's next for our heroes? Who's gonna die next? I got me money on Sansa. Open your bets!

See you all next week, hopefully faster! Oh, the ratings...

3/10 - Bad! Boring! BOOOOOOO!!! Totally not worth the over a year long wait.

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