Vikings - The Reckoning

Spoilers through Season 4 of Vikings follow.

The Vikings "won"
These past ten weeks flew by surprisingly fast, and so the 2nd part of Vikings' Season 4 (still wondering why they didn't just call it Season 5) is over. And, let's be honest, compared to all previous endings, this was, by far, the worst.

The Englishmen were outsmarted in their own lands
The second part of the season wasn't half bad, it had a lot of amazing moments. The show returned to the formula of using Viking mysticism and symbolism that worked so well the first couple seasons, it did a lot of character growth and the story moved forward a lot, sometimes even way too fast. But, in return, it left a plethora of loose ends.

Look, a new guy, he's gonna have a big part in the show!
OK, see you in 6 months.
Wait, what?
The worst part of this episode, and it was something Vikings had always done right with it's finales before, was the actual end. The episode concludes with the introduction of a new main character, Bishop Heahmund. A historical figure known for fighting the Vikings, we see him as a young cleric officiating a funeral, and then banging the widow doggy-style. It was as clumsy as they come. All previous season endings left me wanting more, this one made me feel like I need a break.

It wasn't all terrible, though. The battle between the Great Heathen Army and Aethelwulf's forces was amazing, if only short-lived, I don't think it lasted 5 minutes. The death of Helga made me cry. Her last words to Floki were simply beautiful, poetic. And in turn, Floki's reaction was superb, I specially loved when he acknowledged to Bjorn that, after losing his child, Ragnar and now Helga, he's just an empty husk. Floki has lost everything. The little funeral Floki held for his beloved was perfect, filled with mysticism, my eyes water when I think of it.

Ecbert might have been even more cunning than Ragnar
Ecbert continued to be one of the most cunning men in the show, not only did he manage to fool the Vikings again, he did what every man who led a great life should, he died in his own terms. The former King struck a deal he had no right to make, for he was King no more, and he was even bold enough to use Ragnar's wishes to make his point. Bjorn and Co. think they have a legal claim to East Anglia, signed by the supposed King. He played them one last time before his death, and he knows his son will come and retake what's rightfully theirs, however long it takes.

The last time we'll see them all together...
As for our Vikings, the sons of Ragnar will split now, Bjorn is set to going back to the Mediterranean Sea, the others are torn between staying and farming, or keeping the attack on the other English Kingdoms. King Harald wants to stay, but has plans on his own, and his brother Halfdan wants to go with Bjorn. I must admit, I didn't see them parting ways, and it's quite obvious it came as much as a surprise to me as it did to Harald. What's Halfdan's plan? They attacked Kattegat, it seems foolish to go on a trip with the son of the Queen you tried to dethrone.

He was asking for it for a while now...
Bjorn leaves for a moment and the same old fight between Ivar and Sigurd starts, except this time there's nobody to stop Ivar from finally murdering his brother, while everyone else was watching. We don't know what might come next, but I don't expect Ubbe and Hvitserk to be very happy about it, needless to say Bjorn, there must be some sort of punishment for Ivar.

And that was it. Vikings forces will now be split in, at least, four groups, which basically puts to and end the Great Heathen Army. I believe this is the start of the downfall of the Vikings we all must expect to happen eventually, and, with a 20 episode long Season 5, there could even be a chance for it to be the last one. We didn't see Lagertha this time, that never helps.

This episode had some very hard Season Finales to be compared against, and it failed miserably. Ragnar won't be easy to replace.

Score: 4/10.

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