Super Bowl LI

If you ever need motivation, if you feel like giving up, like something is impossible, go watch the Patriots beats the Falcons after being 25 points down in last night's Super Bowl. Life has been keen in reminding me lately that if you actually want something, you have to go for it. As long as there's a hint of hope, you can do it.

It was a nice, sunny Sunday. I spent the whole day hyped and ready for what I thought was going to be the easiest SB the Patriots were going to play, that's how it looked on paper. NE have the best defense, and the best defense usually wins, they have the best QB, a Mr. Tom Brady, and their offense isn't half bad. Atlanta was going to needed a perfect game and some good luck to win. Boy, was I wrong...

The game started and it quickly became clear it was going to be a rough night for Brady, the Falcons were too fast in defense and it was only a matter of time for the offense in the league to start scoring. The first quarter ended in a 0 point draw, with little to remark. Then, in a flash, one, two touchdowns, interception, another TD. If you were gone a couple minutes to get drinks, you might have missed how it went from 0-0 to 0-21. I just couldn't believe it, nobody could. NE managed to score a field goal before halftime, 3-21, 18 points down by halftime.

Yes, there have been bigger comebacks, but in a Super Bowl? The biggest was 10 points. I was about ready to simply watch Lady Gaga's halftime show and shut down the TV, I mean, you can't miss Gaga.

The halftime show was the best one I've ever seen in a SB yet. Lady Gaga is, undeniably, one of the best, if not the best, performers out there right now, the whole thing was magnificent. She jumped down the roof, ran out of breath before singing Million Reasons, played the piano and finished with Bad Romance, just before jumping down the stage while catching a football. Considering how bad the Patriots had been at catching the damned thing, I was wondering why Belichick didn't sign Gaga.

And this cannot go unsaid, no lip sync. Sorry Beyoncé, sorry Madonna, but the Queen does actually sing.

2nd half started. I had no real hopes, and whatever was left of them were crushed when things got 3-28, 25 points down! I still have no idea why I kept watching, but I'm so glad I did. Brady took control, and luck started to play in our favor. TD 9-28, should have been 10, that might have proven costly. Field goal, 12-28. 2 point conversion, 20-28. Patriots were a 2 point conversion away, and there was time to do it. Then came that ridiculous Edelman catch, for a team used to get screwed by lucky catches, this was deserved.

Another 2 point conversion and things were 28-28 and off to overtime they went. I was in shock, I had to be dreaming. I'm pretty sure at this point the Patriots were having the best momentum ever, while the Falcons were probably in a dark corner thinking "how did we end up here?". It was all Brady during overtime, and with a final TD things got 34-28 and the Patriots won their 5th Super Bowl! Biggest comeback in a SB yet, and Brady got the MVP, again.

This was the most amazing Super Bowl I've ever watched, I still can't believe what happened.

If there's a lesson to be learned here... The game isn't over, until it's over.

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