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When I like something or someone new, I can't help it, I go in way too deep. And, for a while, everything is rainbows and butterflies. That's why I never make up my mind too soon, I wait until the infatuation is over, that's when the flaws start showing up. That's when you can really tell if you like it or not.

Introducing Opera Neon
Web browsers. Geek as I am, I have tried almost every single one of them. From the dark ages of my life when I didn't know there was something other than Internet Explorer; going through Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Konqueror, Vivaldi, Opera and many many more; up until today, with Opera Neon. The shiny new guy in town, who's here to stay.

Those who know me know that I'm a big fan of Opera, specially since it started using code from the Chromium project for the desktop version. On mobile, Opera Mini is absolutely the best browser, it has easily saved me a couple hundred dollars worth of data.

Most people simply use Chrome, it's also based on the Chromium project, and that's still my recommendation for average users. But for those with slightly different needs, Opera has a lot of built-in features I just can't do without anymore. Speed Dial, pop-up video, ad-blocker and free VPN. It also has a battery saver, for laptop users.

A couple days ago I was checking Twitter for the first time in a while and I noticed the @Opera account had a different profile picture, no longer the classic stylish red logo, but some green circle outlines. Their pinned tweet announced they had launched a new desktop browser a bit over a week ago and I had missed it, I couldn't believe it. I was downloading it before I noticed.

The concept is pretty cool, Opera Neon is what Opera could eventually become, is their take on the future of web browsing. Visually fantastic, the new Speed Dial and tabs will make you wonder how did you ever use the old ugly ones. It's a whole lot of eye-candy with the same features of the regular Opera, and, surprisingly, it seems faster. Big plus, it shows your desktop background without the cluster of applications and files, neat.

The UI is beautiful
Usability-wise, it's about the same as every other major browser out there right now. Since it's based on the Chromium project, you can expect almost the same results between it and Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, Chromium, and every other browser based on the latter. In my experience, Opera Neon loads faster than the others, with the exception of Vivaldi. RAM-wise, it uses less than Chrome, but it's still a major hit for computers with low memory.

Video/Music Pop Out
But that's not all Opera Neon brings to the table, it also comes with a much appreciated split screen mode, a tool for cropping and snapping your screen, and a nice gallery where you can find all those snaps. Add to that the unique features Opera already has, and this might be hands down the best browser out there, if you can deal with the bad.

Split screen + Player. Amazing.
I've been using it for a while now, what's wrong with it? It can't be perfect! Indeed, the first issue you might have is that you lose a lot of screen space with the new tab bar on the right side, which isn't a big deal on big screens, but it can be annoying on smaller displays. The only other issue I found, is that it's different, every other single browser out there looks and feels the same, Opera Neon doesn't. It's a learning curve, not a particular hard one, but still requires some time to get used to, and that can prove a challenge for some.

In a nutshell, it's a new User Interface for the browser you already have. Easy on the eye and very intuitive. I'd recommend everyone to give it a try, whether or not you've tried Opera before, it's definitely worth it. Word of advice, you might end up loving it.

I love it. It's my new default browser.

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