Drogo and Daenerys

I was ever so tempted not to publish this...

True love...

Whenever I think about true love there's a couple that always comes to mind, meet Khal and Khaleesi, Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen. They were an unusual pair that met in very unfortunate circumstances. He was a King, she was a little girl. He bought her, he brutally took her, and in the end love found it's way. It's a story that shows us that love takes some time, takes some work, takes a lot of effort, and that love hurts.

It's miles away from being the perfect love story, but love isn't meant to be perfect. Love is about trusting, opening up and getting hurt. Only people that can hurt you, the ones that can really hurt you, are the ones close enough to do it. People that get inside you, and tear you apart, and make you feel like you're never going to recover. If you ever have that, you have everything, so hold on to it, you use both hands and never let go.

What could've been...
Drogo was the greatest hero a romantic story can get. He was an Alpha, he was macho, he was relentless, fearless, bold. And he was amazingly good at it. He might have been a bit savage, but he loved Dany more than anything. He was honest, he always said what he meant, and he always meant what he said. He was doing fine before Dany, but he never wanted to spend a day without her after.

Daenerys was a typical young girl. Nervous, shy, timid. And it makes sense if you realize in the books she's meant to be 13 years old. She became the reluctant Queen of Khal Drogo, who's age is never stated, but considering Khals probably didn't live long with that lifestyle, he couldn't be too old, but also not very young, he already had a huge Khalasar behind him. I always picture him around 30, strong and experienced. Now that's an age gap!

But Dany grew up, she gave Drogo a chance, she was determined to make him happy, she became serious about being Khaleesi. She turned into a strong, determined, noble Queen. She was scared, she was confused, but she learned to love her Khal to the full extent of the word. In a way, they complemented each other almost perfectly. They were very different, and yet they were so similar...

"Moon of My Life" & "My Sun and Stars"
And they were happy, they deserved a happy ending. But this is Game of Thrones, it all ended in such tragedy, and that made the story even more inspiring to me. Drogo is long gone, but Daenerys came out of it so much stronger, she will never forget him.

If you ask me, that's love. Complicated, messy, challenging. Love hurts. Dany could've chosen to hate Drogo, but instead she took a chance and ended up happier than ever. Drogo could've chosen to get a new wife since Daenerys wasn't making him happy, but he was patient.

What easy comes, easy goes.

They are the best love story of Game of Thrones, tragic and endearing. They knew love...

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