Arrow: Vigilante

There's a new Vigilante in town!

There's a new bad guy in town! But that's not news, it happens almost every week. One thing Star City will never have a shortage of, is masked guys wrecking havoc. If anything, this time it doesn't even seem that bad, considering the he's targeting bad guys, with only a slight disregard for collateral damage. But, hey, this is a war, right? OK, no, collateral damage is not cool, yes, we're also talking about the movie.

We could go and on talking about the new Vigilante and who's behind that mask, specially since the show hinted that it might be Adrian Chase, who is starting to show a dark side and seems tired of watching how the justice system is simply not working. If it turns out to be him, it would shatter the theory of Chase being Prometheus. Instead, we're gonna talk about Evelyn, and the 2 WOW! moments we got from her in this episode.
Wow! and Wow!
First, we see her... Well, we see a lot of her in that red dress! Let's just say it' s a nice new side for the youngest member of Team Arrow. But, right before the episode ends, we see her talking with Prometheus! At first it looks as if he is looking for revenge for getting cut, but then she calmly turns around and tells him that nobody was following her. She's working for him! The question is, since when? Was it before the events of the past episode? Was the whole fight in the subway staged? Did she join Team Arrow on his orders? Let's hope we get answers for many of these questions soon! Anyone saw this one coming!?

Oliver has a moment with Susan Williams, who still hasn't made a move regarding the pictures of Mr. Queen in Russia. Diggle bonds with Wild Dog at a very weird (and late) birthday party for baby John (thanks for nothing, Flash. We actually loved baby Sara). Lance and Thea advance in their somewhat weird father-daughter-like relationship. And, the flashbacks get interesting again as we find out the Bratva were simply using Oliver as they negotiated with Kovar.

Overall, it wasn't an amazing episode, but it does deserve some extra points for a certain red moment... Plus, we had a lot of character development an a new wild card in the equation. Let's give it a...


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