Arrow: So It Begins

Prometheus can deflect arrows!

Oh, boys! It is on! The 5th season of our hooded hero is being one of the best ones, and last night's episode was one of the reasons why!

Green Arrow finally faces, however briefly, with the new big bad guy! Ok, they barely even looked at each other, but it's the first time they've been THAT close. We learned that Prometheus' wearing some kind of armor that can deflect arrows, at least one shot VERY close by Evelyn, which means either Artemis needs to improve her piercing abilities, or Mr. Queen is giving her some blunt arrows, not like he's the most trusting guy. The teen archer managed to cut Prometheus' arm and, shortly after, Oliver got him with a bomb arrow, shortly before he got away. That arm cut is probably going to be very important in the near future.

Important to notice that even though he carries a bow, Prometheus hardly ever uses it, fancying more the use of throwing stars or, as we saw in his fight against Artemis, a sword. I complained last week against having yet another bow & arrow villain, at least this one seems more proficient in other weapons, maybe he only carries that bow cause he has a sick obsession with Green Arrow.

An obsession with Green Arrow, that's another great thing about this season! Not unlike Slade Wilson, Prometheus is in Star (back then Starling, still not liking the new name) City just for Oliver, Team Arrow won't be facing some guy with an agenda to destroy the city (or the world), we're back to a villain who's only interest is bringing down the hero, and those are the best villains! They don't care who or what gets in the way, it's all about their personal vendetta. Sure, we don't know the motivations behind Prometheus' actions, but we can make some guesses based on what we learned at the end of this episode.

Probably the only downside of this episode was not continuing on the cliffhanger of Susan Williams finding out Oliver was in Russia when he was supposed to be in Lian Yu, they see each other, she even flirts with him, but doesn't even hint at her recent findings. She seems a bit evil, she'll probably play that card when Oliver least expects it, probably to end his political career.

Let's get to the end. Quentin Lance, confirmed to still be an alcoholic, wakes up with a cut in his arm (like the one Artemis gave Prometheus) and a throwing star in his table. If you think the show just showed you that Deputy Mayor Lance is the guy on a killing spree for people whose names are anagrams of the targets of the Arrow during season 1, I'm sorry to tell you, you've not been paying attention. The Lances are not the best guys when dealing with their emotions, 2 masked vigilantes and a drunk detective that worked for Damien Darhk probably support the Quentin theory, but it's too obvious to be true. Lance has never shown those weapon skills before, and one could argue it takes a certain amount of time to become proficient in star throwing, sword fighting and arrow shooting. Also, I find it hard to believe he has the ability to come with such a messed up plan to bring down Oliver. It all seems to point to him being framed, and it might just work.

So, if not Lance, then who? The episode concluded that it's someone that works for the SCPD, or has access to it, and, unless is someone that we've never heard from before, the choice falls upon either Billy Malone, Felicity's new boyfriend, or Adrian Chase, the new District Attorney.

Why Malone? Well, he doesn't seem like a bad guy, but he acted a bit bit bipolar, from angry to cool and fanboyish, when Felicity told him she works with Green Arrow. Maybe his relationship with Felicity is part of his plan to destroy Oliver? After all, it wouldn't be weird for Ms. Smoak to have a crush on someone with an alter ego. The only question here would be, why would Malone have a vendetta against Oliver?

Why Chase? He seems a bit off at times, he might not be SCPD, but definitely has access to it. He barely reacted when he saw the Green Arrow show up in that crime scene. And, he has a motive, Oliver Queen stole his girlfriend back in 2004. It's a petty reason, but it's a valid one! Ok, no, it's not.

Only thing that seems certain for now is that whoever it is, his reasons to want Oliver Queen dead go back at least 4 years, maybe something that happened during the undertaking? We'll have to wait and see!

What do you think? Who's behind Prometheus' mask? Lance? Malone? Chase? Somebody else? Speculate away!

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