Arrow: Human Target

Bring back the original team!

Hello dear readers! It took me a while, but I'm finally all caught up with Arrow! And The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, and Vixen, and Constantine... Gosh, I kinda miss the old days when the arrowverse used to be, you know, just Arrow. I also tried watching Supergirl, but I really didn't like it, so whenever they do the whole series crossover, I'll just look for plot summaries about it and hope it's enough!

So, since this is my first time writing about Oliver Queen & Co., I think I should start with a bit of background. Arrow was one of my favorites TV shows back when it came out. I've always been a fan of those anti-heroes, I find their struggles between doing what's right and what's necessary particularly appealing, as it makes them more human, more relatable. After all, I don't see the fun in watching some immortal dude fighting, if they can't die it takes away the excitement. Sorry Superman, go sleep on a green stone bed and maybe I'll fancy you a bit.

The first 2 seasons of Arrow were really good, the struggles against Malcolm Merlyn and Slade Wilson were incredibly fun, all the same while watching the flashbacks from Oliver's time in Lian Yu, which explained and gave sense to everything that was currently happening. Those were the good old days. Then it went crazy, seasons 3 and 4 went overboard with the whole magic theme, I never felt like it ever quite fitted in the show, not unlike the Flash crossovers. In fact, I don't quite like The Flash, I watch it because it influences (and it's influenced) Arrow a lot. (Like when they changed John's baby Sara for John's baby John, which still makes no sense to me!)

But now season 5 has started and it seems like they're toning down the magic and weirdness of the last seasons, and I'm actually liking it a lot again. The bad guy, Prometheus, seems to be a highly skilled human, although, sadly, another archer. We've had too many of those already! I would've rather had another swordsman like Ra's al Ghul, or, you know, someone very skilled in axe wielding, maybe? Spears? Anything except bow and arrows at this point. I think the beauty of Arrow vs. Ra's first fight was that it took Oliver out it's comfort zone, we already know he can defeat another amazing archer like Merlyn quite easily, who could've trained Prometheus that could make him an actual threat to Team Arrow? I hope they come up with a good explanation.

The best of season 5 so far has been the Bratva flashbacks, a welcome change from season 4's trip to Lian Yu, again! And also how surprisingly good the Mayor Queen/Green Arrow storylines work together, kudos on that! I thought I wasn't gonna like that at all.

There are, however, many things wrong with season 5 besides the weapon of choice of Prometheus. Felicity is a big one, not only was I never able to understand why she ended things with Oliver, she's now in a relationship (already!) and it feels totally out of character. I mean, was she engaged what? 6 months ago? She's also hiding it from Oliver, it's usually the other way around, writers. In the words of Marshall...

Also, the new the new gang just doesn't work, call me evil, but I was hoping Wild Dog would die today and have that spot back to John, which I hope stays as part of the crew and not as an sporadic participant in their vigilante activities. It makes no sense that Oliver agreed to take Rene and Evelyn in his team, it's really hard to pretend that a guy who spent years keeping his identity a secret from a woman whom he once loved just blatantly disclosed it to 2 strangers. Seems like the writers ran out of ideas on how to get more people into Team Arrow, or were lazy about it. Oh, and let's not talk about Curtis, he should've replaced Felicity behind desks, if anything. Plus, horrible "costume". And creepy Ragman appears like 5 seconds in each episode, he might as well not be in it at all.

Let's recap the episode! The best? The appearance of Christopher Chance, you know, the human target! He's such a cool guy and he saved the day, definitely the highlight of a very cool episode, if only a bit boring and less action packed than usual one. His "performance" as Mayor Queen gave Ollie a date with the annoying reporter and the knowledge of felicity's new relationship, central role today.

The worst? The flashbacks to Ollie's' Bratva days. Not as good as usual, they felt like they were there just to fill space. They weren't needed to "introduce" Chance, not like he knowing Oliver already made any difference.

What to look forward? Besides Prometheus "learning" who the Green Arrow really is (trust me, I'm 100% sure he already knew that), the most important thing to look forward to now is that annoying reporter learning that Mayor Queen lied about being stranded for 5 years in Lian Yu. The sort of thing that could totally screw up his reputation, not to mention his position as Mayor. We'll see how it plays out!

It was a great episode overall, so I'll give it a 7/10.

See you next week!

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