I'm baaaack!

I'm baaaack! After an unexpectedly long hiatus I'm finally back to my blog! I didn't want to come back empty handed, so I give you a new look! I think it's much more stylish and clean than the old one, I must say I'm quite in love with it. It still has some bugs I'm working on fixing and there are some extra features I'm planning on adding, as well, you could say it's in a beta phase. Hopefully during the course of the week I'll have everything working just fine, for now, if you find anything that's not working properly feel free to contact me however you like.

But, let's be honest, I'm not here to tell you that I'm back and that the blog looks different now, I mean, not just for that, I also want to share with you why I've been gone for so long, and tell you about the plans I've got both for the blog and the YouTube channel, I'm really excited about them! Let's start with what I've been doing lately...

Over 200 played hours in 3 weeks!
LEGION. My fellow WoW players know that Legion launched midnight (PDT) of August 30th, that was 3am for us in eastern time! What kind of grown ass man goes to sleep at 7pm on a Monday!? Well, I did. I had to wake up at 2:30am in order to get ready before launch time... I played almost 20 hours straight, with minor food/bio breaks. For the next couple of weeks I was playing about 10 hours a day, it was madness!!! Lately, things are starting to go back to normal, with much shorter playtime every day, but still more than usual. The good news from that front is that there's a Legion review incoming!

You guys now I haven't been in the best of places as of late, and, following the advice of a close friend, I decided to do something about it. I started doing meditation and taking yoga lessons at a local place called La Clemencia Medical Spa, absolutely recommended to people from Caracas, although it's a bit pricey, it killed my savings, but I feel it was worth it, consider it investing in your personal growth. The place is huge, quiet and you get in touch with nature, it's really easy to lose track of time and issues when you're there.

120 hours of meditation over 10 weeks
I could stand here and say I'm a different man now, that all that meditating made me a new person,  a better version of me. But I wouldn't go that far, I do hope I'm a somewhat better person now, and if I am, that's good enough for me. I did accomplish some things while I was there, besides relaxing and clearing my mind. The biggest thing was getting some insights over what was troubling me, what still troubles me, even, specially regarding the end of my previous relationship. I figured out that I was blaming myself for everything that had happened, and that wasn't fair to me. I was the one who started it, sure, but I didn't say "I want to end things", it just happened, one day we were and the next we weren't, without arguments. I realize now that relationships start with two people, and, in some way, they also end that way. I wasn't the only one who gave up.

Now I feel more patient, able to deal with my feelings in a healthier way. The big thing I learned there: "I'm bigger than my problems".

The other reason why I've been away is that I was 2 seasons behind on one of my favorite series, Arrow. With the next season coming next week I decided to rush those episodes as fast as I could, right now I'm only 12 episodes behind (half a season), but I had to add Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow to the list of TV Shows I'm watching to keep in check with the arrowverse. So, in reality, I'm about 30 episodes away from the end of my self-imposed marathon. These last couple episodes will take a while, but I hope I can watch them all before the air date. Why? Because I want to start reviewing Arrow too!

Arrow reviews incoming!
BTW, I found this website TrackSeries, it's really cool, helped me realize I'm currently following 27 still airing shows, which is insane! A lot of those are very short and not overlapping, so it's cool! Check out that page you TV Series addicts! A lot of TV shows are back now, including some of my favorites such as The Big Bang Theory and Marvel's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, good times ahead!

Well, I think those are my main reasons for not posting for over a month, plus a short trip I recently took to visit my family (last weekend) and the couple days I spent designing the new blog look. The good news is that I'm back now, and I've got a lot of plans for both the blog and the YouTube channel!

What's coming next? Well, Vikings is coming back November 30th, you can expect both blog reviews and YouTube reacts for all episodes. A Legion review is already in progress. Arrow reviews will hopefully start with the first episode of next season. Many more of these Life posts, for sure. Also, by January, I expect to finish the Android 2D RPG game guides, which are in need of an overhaul already! And there's also RWBY reacts in the works! Lotta good thing incoming!

Peace out!

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