Game of Thrones: The Winds of Winter - Reviewed

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.
We've got a new Queen...
Hello readers! Season 6 is over and things got interesting again! I must admit, I expected much less from this episode, but it was amazing! Let's check it out!

This is the season of the many deaths! While Battle of the Bastards had way more deaths in brute numbers, Winds of Winter killed off many more named characters. The only remaining Tyrell now is Lady Olenna, the only Lannisters are Jaime and Cersei (and Tyrion, but since he's a fugitive he doesn't really count for those family-purposes), there is no longer a High Sparrow, or Sparrows, or Faith Militant; there's no Sept of Baelor, there's no more Walder Frey, and so on...

Now, the bulk of the deaths came by Cersei's wildfire bombs exploding under the Sept of Baelor, virtually removing all her adversaries from King's Landing with one move. Sadly for her, her son took his own life after the events, probably sad he was never going to see Margaery's boobs again. That would make any man suicidal, I get you Tommen. In truth, nobody will miss this King anyway. Kudos for the Queen, it was a brilliant plan, she truly won the Game of Thrones, for now. Standing ovation for Cersei, although it doesn't seem things are going to last.

But Arya Stark doesn't fall behind! She killed only 3 persons (shown and mentioned), but one of them was a BIG name to cross off her list, Walder Frey! And she went all Shakespeare on him, killing his sons, making a pie with them, feeding said pie to Walder; and then cutting his throat much like what they did to her mum, ol' Cat. Brilliant! I think it's the first time I finally get a sense of why Arya is in this show! 6 seasons of crying, suffering and getting her ass kicked finally paid off! Let's hope it's not the only big name she crosses, keep going girl!

In the North, Jon Snow is proclaimed King in the North by the Stark's bannermen (Lady Mormont makes another appearance, with another big speech, fans be pleased!), much like Robb was in Season 2. Littlefinger reveals his end-goal, the Iron Throne, and tells Sansa that he wants her there, with him. Sansa rejects him, at least momentarily. It seems Petyr is not entirely happy with the events that unfolded after helping the Starks take back Winterfell, but he always has a plan, we'll see next season.

Beyond the Wall, Benjen leaves Bran and Meera near the Wall, explains he can't go further because he's not alive anymore and that the Wall has magic to prevent the undead from crossing, so it's not just ice and rock and he's, at least for the moment, stuck up there. After that, Bran goes into a vision (no, he doesn't screw up anything this time) and confirmed the theory that Jon Snow is actually the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, and not Ned's bastard. This might not change anything in the end, but it's something fans have been discussing for years now, thanks for clearing it up. I just hope it's not the last we see on Benjen, and also that Bran does a bit more than just stalking his father in the past.

We got a bit of Sam & Gilly, they arrived at The Citadel, finally. Really boring stuff, thankfully it was short. Although, it is worth mentioning that the library Sam visits is quite beautiful, really nice design. That's all I can say here.

Believe or not, we went to Dorne after the pointless deaths of all the dudes there. We see Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes having a conversation with Olenna. The Queen of Thorns already knows the fate of her kin, and only has one thing left to live for: revenge. Not only the Dornish army and the remaining Tyrells would already pose a huge threat to the Lannisters (the only big family still aligned with King's Landing), but Varys also shows up, indicating that they might join Dany when she arrives. Having her own troops plus the Dornish and Tyrells army practically sits The Breaker of Chains on the Iron Throne already. There's no way she won't win this war. Cersei might as well just run and hide with Jaime, they don't stand a chance.

And, finally, we got our bit of Daenerys storyline (of course we did, it's the finale!). Dany, following Tyrion's advice, dumps Daario, leaving him in charge of Meereen, somebody had to. And then, we FINALLY OMG I CAN'T BLOODY BELIEVE IT get to see the Mother of Dragons actually sailing for Westeros!!! They've been saying it since Season 1 but it's taken so long most of us resigned to never actually seeing it... Theon and Yara are there, and so are Tyrion, Grey Worm, Missandei and Varys, who apparently teleported there cause not 5 minutes earlier was in Dorne. Things are getting interesting for King's Landing again! After losing the support of the Tyrells, Cersei left the city an "easy target" for her enemies...

The Season's ended and now we've got to wait almost a full year to see what comes next, I hope you've enjoyed reading the reviews so far, I'll be back with more next Season! Thanks!

And that was it. Another great episode, nothing really wrong about it, except the lack of action (besides the CGI from the Wildfire bombs). It was a solid end of season, and we're already ready for next one! Do you agree? Did you like this episode? Did I miss something important? Do you think Dany will have any issues taking the Iron Throne? Got something to share? Leave a comment!

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RATING: 9/10 - Great Cersei, great Arya. Solid Season Finale.

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