Game of Thrones: No One - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.
No One.
Hello dear readers! There's only 2 episodes left!!! Go ahead, cry. While you're at it, let's talk No One!

Am I the only one totally confused about the whole "No One" thing? I don't get how she's finally "No One" but still Arya Stark from Winterfell, going home. It seems to me like she's bloody someone. Better call the episode "Arya Stark" next time! Enough ranting, let's do the sum up!

The Hound. This time he actually did something, he fought some guys, and calling it a fight is a ridiculous exaggeration, he basically just chopped off some parts from the fellas that killed his priest friend. After that, he continues chasing the rest of the murderers and ends up with... Beric and Thoros!!! It turns out the murderers were actually renegades from the Brotherhood Without Banners and were going to get hanged. After a quite hilarious negotiation, Sandor ends up kicking the log from under 2 of the guys. Haha. So far? Good.

At Riverrun, Brienne and Poddrick arrive at Jamie's siege camp. Pod and Bronn shared a funny/cute moment after a very long time without seeing each other, really good couple scenes. Brienne and Jaime figure out they're enemies now, it was a cute scene I guess, but I just hate the guy so much the only time I'm going to like something regarding him is when he dies. The Kingslayer is eager to go back to King's Landing, so he accepts Brienne's plan to try and persuade the Blackfish to surrender the castle in exchange for being allowed to go north and help Sansa and Jon, Brynden obviously chose not to do so. Given Brienne's failure, Jaime goes to Edmure, threatens to kill his son (a son he doesn't even know, who might not even exist!), so Lord Edmure goes to Riverrun. There, the Tully soldiers disregard the Blackfish's orders in favor of their rightful Lord (it was a bloody trap, obviously!!!) and surrender the castle to the Lannisters. To make things worse, the Blackfish dies in an unseen skirmish. Edmure just made my list! At least Brienne and Pod made it out and are heading back north.

Let's discuss this further, the Blackfish was an awesome badass character, definitely deserved more, it all felt pointless! This is a thing this show needs to deal with! Arya, Dorne, Riverrun... They feel somewhat unnecessary, like fill-up, and have very little effect on the general story, at least for now. Plus, (re)introducing likeable characters just to randomly kill them off the very next episode is ridiculous. Lots of points lost here. In Brynden's words: "I'm disappointed".

In Meereen, things start to get better with the Red Priestesses spreading the word, while Tyrion and Varys say goodbye as the latter returns to Westeros for aid in their quest. Our beloved dwarf then goes and finally gets Grey Worm and Missandei to drink wine, the three start to bond a little. As usual when things get better over there, something bad happens. The slave masters realized Daenerys was gone and attack the city with a fleet. With the city under siege, the Queen of the endless titles makes a dramatic return, she's clearly angry, very angry. She did not even say a word, not even to introduce herself, which is her favorite thing to do. I'll go ahead and say, best timing for Yara and Theon to show up and help Dany is now, they'll definitely secure her favor if they do so.

In King's Landing, Cersei refuses to go see the High Sparrow, who is now referred as High Septon, if you noticed! The Mountain kills one of the fanatics and the rest run. King Tommen, the idiot, outlawed trial by combat, basically crushing his mom's and Ser Lora's chances of getting out of their trials alive. Add Tommen to my list too. At the end, Cersei and Qyburn talk about a "rumour", seems to be something big. We'll just have to wait and see what the fuss is all about.

And we end with... Arya, again! Getting annoying fellas! She heads to Lady Crane, which made sense, she owed Arya her life after all. Coincidentally, the actress is also quite a good sitcher and quickly fixes and patches up Lady Stark. Next day the Waif gets there, kills Lady Crane and chases Arya around town, Assassin's Creed style. Arya goes to needle, turns off the lights and kills her pursuer. Then, she goes to Jaqen H'ghar to show him she killed the Waif, Jaqen calls her "No One" for some reason, given that he should know by now she's not going to be one of them, she calls herself Arya Stark and leaves, Jaqen looking quite happy nonetheless. I'm still at a loss here, guys!

So, that was it. It had it's funny moments, it's pointless moments, and a somewhat confusing ending. This week, no big surprises, another letdown. Story purposes and action? It had a bit, don't you think?

Did you like this episode? Did I miss something important? Can you explain me why Arya is Arya and No One!? Got something to share? Leave a comment!

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RATING: 6/10 - Pointless storylines and deaths don't make good episodes.

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