Game of Thrones: The Broken Man - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.
If you don't see them die, they're not dead...
Hello dear readers! Tonight was the 7th episode episode of the season and... I guess the only point of this is to remind you we only got 3 left. Ya, sad times. Anyway, on to The Hound! Err, the Broken Man!

Shocking revelation! The Hound is alive! And if you were one of those persons that grab a quick drink or take a piss during the amazing (and boring, cmon! you've seen it at least 57 times by now) intro; they screwed you, cause they showed Sandor Clegane all good and well BEFORE the intro! I really can't remember how often they've done this, if ever, besides the very first episode of the series, but I never saw it coming! I'm glad this particular time I had everything already set up cause I do usually miss the intro... Thanks to the seven new and the old ones, right?

The Hound is back, YAY! Excitement gone while watching the intro... Then he does absolutely nothing interesting, all he does is talk to Ray (the Septon guy), who dies by the hands of the Brotherhood Without Banners, thus enraging Sandor, who had become a peaceful guy, apparently. I guess at least now we get to look forward to Hound meets Mountain and Hound meets Arya. I hope both do happen, with very different outcomes. We'll see.

Jon Snow and Co. are trying to get more men to face Ramsay. All the begging and arguing was quite dull, usually using the same arguments we've been hearing for a while... We can only be grateful they only showed them begging at 2 houses and not the whole thing. The best thing here was Lady Lyanna Mormont, that girl was GREAT in her role, coolest character in this episode by a lot (happens when Tyrion doesn't show up, huh?). To sum up things here, they have way less men than the Boltons do, and things look bad for them. After, we see when Sansa writes a letter to someone. I'm guessing Littlefinger, asking him to send back the troops she sent away earlier? Clever girl... She just couldn't screw up more things even if she wanted to.

At Riverrun, the Blackfish (another character that came back after a long while, this time Season 3) shows pretty-boy-no-longer-a-kingsguard Jaime he's not a pushover and he's ready to face off against the Lannisters if he has to, that he doesn't even care for Edmure (knows he's going to die anyway) and even promises that if he's to lose, at least the Lannisters will suffer heavy losses. Brynden is a total badass, I love him, that's what Jaime has to deal with now. It's quite safe to assume the Tullys are not helping Jon Snow anytime soon...

At King's Landing, we got a lot of blablabla about the High Sparrow, Cersei, the crazy fanatics, the Tyrells and such. Still no boobs from Margaery guys, sorry. The only good thing here was Lady Olenna, fun and clever as always. The worst? She's heading back to Highgarden for her own safety, which sucks, and also reminded me we've never seen Highgarden in the TV show. I guess there's hope for that now. Oh, had to mention! Margaery is, apparently, not truly a fanatic, she seems to be playing the role in order to, I presume, save Loras. Kudos for the Queen. #TeamMargaery

In Volantis, we see some boobs, and Yara making out with a girl. That was it. Ok, fine! But, really, the whole plot there can be shortened to Yara telling Theon to man up or die. Yeah, nothing else here.

And we end with... Arya. She purchases a trip back to Westeros and goes for a walk to check out the city before departing... Which is a VERY clever thing to do when you know there's an assassin after your head, right? No? Well, she's not the cleverest girl, we knew that. She gets stabbed, is badly injured, and can't trust anyone cause any of them could be the Waif about to finish the job... I can only say #PrayForArya.

So, that was it. It had it's funny moments, it's clever moments, it always does. But for story purposes and action, it lacked, a lot. Did you like this episode? Did I miss something important? Got something to share? Leave a comment!

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RATING: 4/10 - Boring, with a few fun and clever moments.

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