Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.
The Bastard Bowl!!!
Hello readers! The Bastard Bowl is here and... It was good, peeps! The episode really lived up to the hype it made, and that's hard to do. But, they just HAD to kill Rickon, right? It's like Game of the Pointless Deaths... I'm writing this review while still sad.

I loved most of the episode this time, there were just a few details that threw me off, but overall it was amazing, definitely on the rankings of the best ones of the whole series. Still, no 10 this time, sorry fellas! Let's see why.

Most of the episode was an impressive battle outside Winterfell. I was particularly amazed by how realistic they made it look, the piles of corpses as more and more soldiers clashed in the middle? Kudos! The panic in Jon Snow as he got trampled when his army ran for it as they realized their chances of winning were null? Brilliant! Loved the battle tactics (Shield Wall fan here!) too, I think it's a first time for the show. Everything was perfectly directed.

One thing I didn't like is not really about the episode itself, but of the story. I'm talking about Sansa. She's a very boring character, that's a given, always thinking about herself and dreaming about the perfect life instead of living hers. This season she's grown up a bit, fine, but she's still surprisingly stupid. Go ahead and add Rickon's death to her list of endless mistakes!

If only Sansa had not sent back the Knights of the Vale to begin with, Jon Snow's army would've been much bigger and Ramsay would've lost many of it's supporters in favor of the Starks, which in the end would've meant that much less people would've died. And please remember, they're going to need people for the fight against the White Walkers. The worst? When she showed up at the very end of the fight, almost letting Jon die in the process, and gave us her smug little smile like saying "Bitches, I just saved Winterfell!!!". F. off Sansa! You only make things worse, you're the only Stark I wish would've died.

Now, let's talk Ramsay. I felt he was a bit out of character today. Yes, he murdered his own men without caring, he's still crazy. (By the way, what kind of people shoot arrows at their own men, even if by command? I guess the North doesn't even remember not to kill their own families...) My point is that we've seen Ramsay taking charge of his men over and over, leading them into battle against Stannis and such, and this time he was perfectly comfortable just giving orders from atop a horse away from the action, that doesn't seem like Ramsay at all. He values strength and loves killing too much for that, it felt weird. He does not only like watching others suffer, he's the kind of guy who needs to inflict that pain. Plus, Jon Snow defeated him too easily, especially considering Jon had almost died trampled few minutes before that "fight".

But this episode wasn't only about the Bastard Bowl, it gave us some Meereen moments too, much needed after our speechless Dany from last week. And our storyline at the Slaver's Bay was amazing too! We started with scared Tyrion trying to explain to the Queen that he actually did some good to the city, although he's probably the one to blame for the naval siege... It was fun seeing him so scared. Dany was really angry, and, as it runs in the family, she goes genocidal and wants to kill/burn/feed to the dragons every master and soldier and everything she finds for what's happening. I guess the Mad King didn't have a Tyrion to calm him down.

The Queen and her advisors once again negotiate with the slaver's representatives. We've seen this scene like 5 times already. She had to make a point, as usual, this time she used her dragons (Yay! Amazing effects!) to burn part of the armada (clever girl did realize she needs some of those ships) and once again placed fear in the hearts of their enemies... Some time after, Theon and Yara meet with Dany and strike a deal with her, one that could mean a quick end (the motto of this season) for Euron and finally bring the last of the Targaryens back to Westeros.

So, that was it. A very good episode, second only to "The Door" this season. Do you agree? Did you like this episode? Did I miss something important? Do you hate Sansa too? Got something to share? Leave a comment!

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RATING: 9/10 - Great stories, amazing battles, dragons.

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