Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.
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GoT Style...
I'll start this post apologizing for taking SO long (we're less than 12 hours left till' the next episode) for making this review. I've been very busy this week with my new youtube channel (no, I won't quit blogging) and I kept saying "I'll do it later", but I just didn't want to watch the next one without writing this, so let's get to it!!!

This season started poorly to me, but it's been increasingly interesting ever since The Red Woman, that's not to say some things have been quite boring nonetheless. I loved this episode! Snow executed Thorne (finally), Olly (hah, little brat! I never liked you since you killed Ygritte) and the 2 other random guys. Yay! And then he left Castle Black claiming his watch has ended, apparently alone, without any clue as to what, when or with whom he's going to do whatever he's going to do next. I'm sorry, that didn't seem like Jon Snow at all, specially with the White Walkers threat lurking near. Oh, well, he just came back from death, I won't pretend to understand him. As to what's his plan, I guess everyone can agree the obvious thing would be to go to Winterfell, considering he has no one and nowhere else to go on this world, yet going alone would be his way of saying he liked it better when he was dead.

There was some random, not sure how important to the story Sam + Gilly scene, that's it, nothing worth mentioning except they're still in the cast.

In Essos, ever-so-lucky Daenerys seems unable to realize the Dothraki couldn't care less for her endless titles, her fate lying now on the willingness of a bunch of Khals to let her stay at Vaes Dothrak with the widow club (aka Dosh Khaleen) or whatever else they want, and what else could they want with Emilia Clarke? C'mon! Let's hope Ser Friendzone and we-never-noticed-you-changed-actors can rescue her in time. Also, we got yet-another funny Tyrion scene, and Varys discovers (quite obviously) that the people financing the rebellion against the slave's liberators are, you'll never see this one coming, the slavers!!! No one needs "little birds" for this one, sorry.

Arya, erm, sorry, the girl that has no name, finally gets to be a girl that has no name, which gave her her eyes back, cool. Still don't see where her storyline is going, or why.

Now we'll discuss the really interesting parts of this episode, first of all, King's Landing. No, I'm not talking about Tommen, the manipulable, best title for our little King and one that sums up his storyline this season. No, we're talking about the absence of power in the realm. With Tywin dead, the Lannister army went to his brother Kevan (because Cersei is a girl, Jaime is Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and Tyrion is a runway murderer), who is also Hand of the King, and, arguably, the most powerful man in the Seven Kingdoms now. Except the Tyrells (no, not Mace, but Olenna) are also really powerful now, the only thing holding them back is that the Queen and their heir (Loras) are imprisoned by the Faith Militant. There's also former Queen Cersei, who holds support from the Kingsguard (especially Jaime), the Gold Cloaks (aka City Watch) and the Mountain (Gregor Clegane), who is an army himself. The thing is, there's no one that holds the power now, and the forces within the city itself are not precisely friendly towards each other, if they don't come to an agreement, they'll fall. To whom? Anyone at this point, no huge armies are needed anymore if they're going to fight each other inside King's Landing. Crazy-ass Ramsay? An organized wildings army (with Jon Snow, maybe?), the dornish girls (I wouldn't mind seeing more of them), some-day-before-she-dies Daenerys?

Second huge thing, Rickon. It was good to see him again, I asked for it in the past review, of course, I didn't mean to see him being delivered to Ramsay for his torturing pleasures. As far as things go for the starks, Rickon IS the heir of the Starks and Lord of Winterfell unless Bran decides to come back, and if, and only if, he still wants that position (which he might not since he's going to have some things to do with the awesome things he's apparently learning from Mr. Tree). Jon Snow isn't a Stark. I just hope Jon goes with a wildling army to Winterfell, kills Ramsay and frees Rickon, but nothing that good has ever happened in this series, so I know it won't. Still, Ramsay knows Sansa is no longer the key, this doesn't good look for the youngest Stark, whos direwolf is now dead too, which made me very angry. We're left with only 2! (And Nymeria, but she might never come back).

And the biggest thing, for me, Bran's vision. Not only it had an awesome fight, much needed. It was ground-shattering. Ned Stark lied about the fight, he didn't win fair against Ser Arthur Dayne, hell, he was about to die when Howland Reed stabbed him in the back! So Neddy wasn't all goody goody... Makes you wonder what else he lied about, huh? He runs after the fight to the Tower of Joy (somewhere in Dorne), where his sister Lyanna was supposed to be. We know she dies there, and that Lord Eddard sees her before she dies, we also know after that he goes back to Winterfell with a certain Jon Snow... Now, Lyanna was kidnapped by the former prince Rhaegar Targaryen and kept in that tower, with 3 members of the Kingsguard keeping her prisoner (or making sure she was safe?). Rhaegar died fighting at The Trident while 3 of his best soldiers were keeping a woman inside a tower... I'll let you make your own conclusions, for me, the fact that Mr Tree didn't want Bran to see more is proof enough of my beliefs.

All things considered, it was a pretty solid episode, but some parts were simply boring. They had a 10, they lost it.

Did you like this episode? Did I miss something important? Got something to share? Leave a comment!

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