Game of Thrones: Home - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.

Guess who's back...?
Now we're talking! Last week's episode didn't do it for me, at all, but this one was actually quite good! Things are finally happening that we didn't all saw coming! Still, the shocking-last-scene of basically every episode wasn't again, all that shocking. Last week's one was kinda meh, this one was kinda obvious, but I won't complain because we all wanted little Jon back!

Let's begin, the biggest thing in this episode, for me, had to be Ramsay, I mean, we all know the guy's crazy, a complete wacko even, but I always thought Lord Bolton had him under control. I knew there was going to be trouble with his new brother, hell, I thought maybe Ramsay was eventually going to get rid of the baby, but I never saw him killing his father, it always seemed like Roose was the only one he wouldn't dare cross. HBO, kudos on shocking me after 5 seasons of shocking moments!

The situation at the Iron Islands got interesting for the first time ever... Balon secretly murdered by his cleverly never mentioned before brother, Euron. Theon is going back home after realizing Jon Snow is going to have his head if he goes to Castle Black. Yara is angry for her father's murder and suddenly realizes she might not be the next ruler. Who's going to succeed Balon? Will his other brothers show up too?

I cannot write this review without mentioning that, short and probably unimportant as it was, it was really nice to see Bran again! All we're missing now is Rickon, who's supposedly hiding in one of the northern houses loyal to his family, let's just hope it's not one affiliated to the Boltons.

It was also nice to see the dragons again, with Tyrion to make things better, still, the future of the show at Meereen is still unclear, here's hoping the dragons rescue Daenerys and that she doesn't go on rampage against Yunkai and Astapor once more, but knowing her, she will, and the dragons and her army will never reach Westeros, and if they do, by then it'll be overrun by an army of undead.

But not everything was perfect, I won't even discuss Arya, it all seems too random there, in hopes that she stops suffering I think I won't ever call her by her name again, I'll just refer her as "a girl". I'd also like to know how Ser Davos, a non believer as he claims, suddenly thought "Hey! Good ol' Mely who I seemingly get along just fine nowadays might know some resurrection spell. I won't even ask for my beloved King Stannis, I'd rather get back this Jon Snow I've only met once". Really, it felt forced.

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