Game of Thrones: The Door - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.
Hold the Door
I hate this show. I do. We have a weird, messed up relationship. It hurts me, sometimes it disappoints me, sometimes it makes me happy for a bit, a lot of times it makes me lose all hope, and a couple times, like tonight, it makes me cry. Why do I stay with it? Is it me? Is there something wrong with me!?

You know an episode is AWESOME when you actually feel it, when it gets to you, when it's over and it lingers in your mind. The Door was over and all I wanted to do was cuddle, cry, and hope that someone would tell me "everything's going to be fine". A good episode is not one where good stuff happens, if you want a happy-happy "Everything is Awesome" show, GoT is not for you. A good episode, a really good one, is the one that stays with you, for whatever reason, and this one is going to stay with me, forever.

Let's forget the recap, we all came here for the same reason, Hodor. I guess, like me, most of you wondered the origins of this fella since season 1... Why was he only able to say "Hodor"? Why was he so freaking big? What's the deal? A couple episodes back, during Home, we got a glimpse of a perfectly functional young Hodor, a kid named Wylis back then, so we knew he wasn't born this way, the mystery increased! What happened to that poor over sized boy that he ended up like that!? We got our answer, guys, and it wasn't a pretty one.

As it turns out, Bran was indeed able to affect the situation in his visions (as hinted during Oathbreaker), yet he can not change it, and it turns out it was he himself who damaged poor Wylis beyond repair. He went into Hodor in the past, during a vision, Hodor even died during that vision! That's what broke him! And, as a side note, that also explains why was he able to control Hodor, which was an amazing feat, especially for a non-trained warg, according to Jojen.

Not only we now know how he got "damaged", we also know the origin of the word Hodor: It was Meera. While Bran was in his vision all he could hear was her voice, all Wylis heard in the past were her orders to current-time Hodor: "Hold the Door", she said. She ordered him to sacrifice himself to buy her some time to escape with Bran, to save Bran. "Hold the Door" Wylis repeated a thousand times, Bran watching from his vision, horrified when he realized what he had done. "Hold the Door" making less and less sense every time it was said by Wylis... Until he was no longer Wylis, just "Hodor".

Bran understood that was what he was supposed to do all along. All that had happened was meant to happen, it all led to that moment. Hodor's life, Summer, Jojen, the Greenseer, the remaining Children of the Forest, and everything in between, all those deaths, all the damage, all the pain, all so he could be there at that moment. And he couldn't change any of it. Makes you wonder, was it worth it? I hope so. It was all a very clever time-loop, kudos GRRM, kudos HBO.

Don't hate Bran just yet! When you think of it, it's not Bran's fault, Hodor was Hodor before he was even born. It was all a grand scheme to get him there, yes, but he didn't get to choose.

Now, I don't know what's supposed to happen or what's Bran going to do. But, at least for now, losing Summer, Hodor, the Children and the Three-eyed Raven in one episode felt like a huge blow in the face of the war against the White Walkers. I don't see how sacrificing all that for some visions can be worth it! All we've learned so far is that the Children created the Walkers because the always savage humans were killing them. They created them sacrificing one of the First Men, and it didn't go right, the lords of the undead rose against their creators, and everything else alive. How will this information affect the plot?

For now, we all go to bed sad, maybe even crying, hoping next episode is a big lighter, cause the pain was too big this night. I'm really sad for losing Hodor and Summer. I'm really sad for the pain in Bran's eyes. I'm really sad for "Hold the Door". Congratulations, HBO, it was a magnificent episode. Who cares about the rest of it? #TeamHodor We'll miss you big guy! We'll never forget you, you are a true hero!

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