Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.
Déjà vu...
They did it again! They bored the hell out of me! It wasn't as bad as the first one, but this 4th episode was absolutely meaningless, right up till the last scenes. You want a quick tl;dr from this review, here it is: Daenerys is back to the top of the power list, she got herself some 100 thousand new bodies for her ranks, the queen is back! #TeamDaenerys

Let's sum up quickly. Sansa, along with Podrick and Brienne (whose scenes with Tormund, who fancies her at first sight, were the only ones I genuinely laughed at) arrive at Castle Black. All of the sudden she's nice to Jon, after being "awful" (her words) to him all their childhood, she's also brave and pushing. It was a very poor character development, even worse than the one Arya had, too random and forced. Ramsay tells them he's got Rickon and wants Sansa back, so they're going to Winterfell with some wildlings, they need more forces, bunch of talking.

At the Eyrie, Littlefinger and Lord Arryn, the brat, bully some old Lord noone-cares-about, and they're sending forces to Winterfell too, for whatever Petyr is planning.

There's some negotiations going at Meereen that Daenerys won't approve when she returns. She now has a HUGE army and will get even more annoying titles. Tyrion might get spanked, she'll add Daenerys, Spanker of Dwarves to the list. Slaves are mad now.

In King's Landing, the most boring scene EVER happens when the High (Jack) Sparrow tells a never-ending story to Margaery. She then visits Loras, who's been hit a lot by the looks of it, the nuns probably tried smacking the gay out of him. King Tommen says a secret to her mother, apparently Margaery is going to suffer the "Shame! Shame!" treatment too. Information Cersei uses to finally approach the Small Council, they together decide to use the Tyrell's army to fight the Faith Militant. Which all seems like Cersei's evil plots again to me!

Crybaby Theon goes to his sis and, well, cries, oh and, offers to support her claim.

And, finally, the big thing! Daenerys was "rescued" (their roles in her actual scape/khals murdering is quite... Small, in reality) by Ser Friendzone Mormont and Daario 2.0, she murders all the khals by burning them in a building while she watched, obviously, that's what everyone would do if they were immune to fire! Her clothes burn (yay) and she appears naked in front of her people, no boob shot (booo) at first, but then they did like 4 boob shots (YAY!) before the episode was over. All the Dothraki bend the knee, she's now owner of 100 thousand new bodies to cover her mistakes in the wars to come. Did they use the same shot from Season 1's finale? No? Hm...

It was a boring episode, right till the very end where it got good. And, it was a good ending, if only not one we had already seen 5 years ago...

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RATING: 4/10 - Boring with a good, too similar to another one, ending.

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