Game of Thrones: Blood of My Blood - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.
Uncle Benjen!!!
Where do you guys want to start? Uncle Benjen? Sure. 6 years later, highly presumed dead Benjen Stark is back! Well, kinda, he's halfway there to become a mindless undead. Apparently he got stabbed by a White Walker with a frozen sword and left to die, and then, one of the children of the forest saved him using Dragonglass, thus stopping the curse before the magic turned Benjen. He's still technically alive, he was never dead, but he looks bad, a bit rotten and almost dead. Bran might start calling him Uncle Frosty, or maybe Uncle Zombie.

Now, the story makes sense, sure, but made me wonder why in hell would the three eyed raven and the children "forget" to mention this to Bran when he spent almost 2 seasons inside the bloody tree cave! Like, you know, "hey crippled boy, your uncle Benjen is alive btw". It's not like they didn't know, they knew everything, didn't they? Probably part of the old man's plot to make Bran do whatever Bran's supposed to do. Benjen did know the old man was dead and that Bran is the new three eyed raven. I guess Benjen got some powers too. What did he do all that time while secretly working for Mr. Tree anyway?

Well, that was the big thing in this episode, right? Oh wait, no, the big thing was Drogon! Get it? Cause he's huge! Big thing! No? Ok, no... But, really, that winged lizard surely grew up A LOT since it rescued his mommy from the arena last season. It was nice to see it again, but it was kinda weird how Daenerys just left the horde standing there and suddenly appeared on top of it. I'm guessing she "felt" it was near...

While we're there, HBO, it was really a lame thing making Daenerys and Daario discuss the need of "more than a thousand ships" to move her whole army, and mentioning that no one has that amount of ships... We're not dumb, we know you mean the Iron Fleet, it was not necessary, at all. The only question there remains, who will lead the Iron Fleet? I love Euron in the books (won't spoil a thing, dw), but in the show I'm rooting for Theon and Yara. What about you? #TeamEuron or #TeamYara?

Back in King's Landing things got weird, and sad. There was no walk of atonement, and not because the Tyrells sent their "army" (c'mon, there were like 40 guys, that's hardly an army) led by Mace, who looks absolutely ridiculous in armor, he must've never had a fight in his life; no, the atonement didn't happen because Tommen is now officially a religious nutjob, and Margaery too. Church and Kingdom holding hands while Jaime (on his white horse, so cliché) and the Tyrells are humiliated. The High Sparrow won, again.

Note: I'm terribly angry we didn't get to see Margaery's boobs this time! I might take a moment from writing this review to send a formal complain to HBO for this nonsense!

Also, Jaime is kicked from the King's Guard, which should make him lord of Casterly Rock... Not too bad, but he'd have to be apart from Cersei, which might be the healthiest thing... But they won't have any of it! Yet, Jaime's not sent home, Tommen sent him for Riverrun to retake it. It seems the Blackfish is going to have a tough time dealing with the Lannisters and the Freys, and to think Jon is hoping to get him to help with retaking Winterfell... More of the Stark's bad luck. Good job Sansa, sending the Knights of the Vale back home. "Sansa, screwing things up since Season 1".

In Pentos, Arya goes rogue AGAIN, defies her orders to kill the performer and unmasked the one that wanted her dead. Afterwards, she went and dig up Needle back, she knows what's coming for her. Jaqen seemingly orders the Waif to kill her, but he doesn't look pleased with that, I think he cares for Arya, a lot. Here's to hoping all the times our beloved Stark girl got beaten taught her how to defend herself against that crazy girl. Arya is back! #TeamArya!!!

We can safely end this review here... Ok, fine. There was some Tarly storytelling. Sam's father (Randyll) is a big dick, such a big dick he is he named his second son Dickon. We knew that, he showed it. His mom, sister, heck, even Dickon seemed quite nice in contrast. Gilly was supposed to stay there after Sam is kicked out AGAIN from Horn Hill, but he changes his mind at the last minute and decides they belong together. What's the plan now, big boy? Back to Castle Black? The citadel is not an option for Gilly... We'll have to wait to see where this increasingly boring and, seemingly, pointless story goes to... I'm guessing Sam is still alive for a reason. Oh, he did get (erm, stole) a Valyrian steel sword from his dad, that might be the whole point of his story now...

Ok, that's it, I think. It wasn't quite a memorable episode but we did get to see Benjen again! One big mystery solved! I tried not to judge too harsh, after all, nothing will beat The Door anytime soon.

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RATING: 7/10 - Good.

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