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Hello fellow readers!

It's been a while since last I wrote about OSes... As many of you know, back in 2012 I switched from Linux to OSX, and back in 2004 from Window$ to Ubuntu. Now, I do still have my old netbook running Arch Linux, but I hardly ever use it (except when I go on trips). I've been quite happy with my Mac during this time, it hasn't been ALWAYS nice, but I haven't had any hard regrets so far.

One thing you learn when you abandon Windows and go for Linux/OSX is that the software you are used to isn't available for your new OS. This is hard. For many, many applications, there's a substitute, hell, for A LOT of those programs there's a BETTER one for Linux, and even for OSX. But there are many, especially games, that you just can't get outside the Win-bubble.
At some points, I even went as far as to install Bootcamp in order to play games like Maplestory and SWTOR, but, after quitting both, I got rid of the Windows partition and got the disk space back, which for a 500GB one like me, can be a lot. I still play, tho, a lot, mainly thanks Blizzard for making their games, not only awesome, addictive and fun, but also multi-platform. Oh, I also got Minecraft, and I hate how much I like it.

This week I ran into the urge of editing a video, for personal purposes, you will get to watch it in a bit after I finish it and upload it to Youtube. I had not done that since I was in highschool as an assignment, and I know back then I used Windows Movie Maker, it didn't have much, but I got the (very basic) job done. That was no longer an option for me.

So I went and googled "OSX Movie Editor", big surprise! There's apparently a thing called "iMovie", it's free and according to google, it's actually pretty good. Even bigger surprise! I already had it in my Mac! I guess it was one of those things that came with it and I never othered checking, like the Chess one or the Mail app. So I went and tried it!

I'm not going to tell you all you can do with iMovie, if you want to know that just check the iMovie for Mac site. I'm also not going to show you how to do really cool things, for that you can check these great tutorials. I'm here just to say, it's been over 4 years and I'm still glad I got a Mac.

You can do A LOT of things with iMovie, making a simple video look great, add stuff to it, fix some audio issues, and it even has options to do a lot of that stuff automatically! I was shocked when I realized how all those youtubers made their videos, it was way simpler than I expected, and faster too! It really is a great tool, it might not have EVERYTHING, but it has a lot for a free app.

If you're considering buying a new PC/Mac and are looking for pros/cons, definitely add "iMovie" to your pros if you think you'd ever need or want to edit a video. Save you the pain of looking for some crappy editor, or a crippled test one, or a very expensive one!

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