Vikings: The Profit and the Loss - Reviewed!

Hello dear readers! It's review time!

As usual, spoilers ahead!
The head Ragnar talks to... Seems to be just a random guy
The vikings are retreating. Is it the end for King Ragnar?
The Profit and the Loss. We finally get some action! Even if it was just of frenchmen shooting arrows at our fellow vikings, this episode finally delivered on what I love the most about this show: fighting. I've always found the tactics, formations and fighting styles of the wars during the Middle Ages fascinating, and this show has been really good in delivering those. From the shield wall, to the roman tactics that Ecbert used, we've been able to clearly see how the troops operated during a fight, if you're paying attention, that is.

Ragnar and Lagertha. I still believe these 2
belong together, don't you?
Last Thursday we got to see some new french formations using the crossbow, which was a deadly improvement over the bow and arrow, and the most sophisticated weapon at the time. It was also interesting to see how they used the swamps to slow down the viking's side forces attacking the tower, I can't tell if it was all Rollo's plans, but even if Odo did a lot of the planning, it's the Duke who's getting all the praise. This time the vikings didn't even make it to the outskirts of Paris.

Count who? Rollo is the new leader. And this traitor
doesn't seem to have much longer in the show
On the down side, I don't think the attack plan was clever, at all. It was so not Ragnar. And it hit me, we haven't had Ragnar this season. We had a shadow of the man during the first episodes, a sick, hurt Ragnar, even if still clever as he always was, he wasn't physically fit and that took a lot from him. But, during the last couple episodes, ever since he started his "affair" (It's hard to call it an affair when it was encouraged by his wife, I think the very definition states the other spouse must be kept in the dark) with Yidu, there is no Ragnar. It's one thing when he's having fun, trying to get some rest from the duties of being King and fooling around with his lover, but I was expecting him to be ready to lead the vikings again during the attack on Paris, and he clearly wasn't.

Rollo. The berserker turned tactician. It just doesn't fit him.
At some points I like him, at others I wish he gets killed.
"Sail past the towers with the shields up, send some people on foot to attack the sides". That's a tactic a 5 year old could have suggested, it was, if anything, obvious. I'm not saying I would've done any better, I don't think I should spend this review considering different approaches to that situation, but I do believe the REAL Ragnar, ever so cunning, would've done what he's good at when things look bad: try to negotiate, play the fool, then hit them where it hurts.

Floki hearing the word "Amen" after a weird dream of Aslaug...
What's in store for our boatbuilder this season?
I miss Ragnar. I get it, the show is trying to set us apart from him, I keep saying it, he's going to die and they want us fans to lose our attachment to the King, but it's so hard. He's addicted to his "medicine", he's tired, he doesn't know what to fight for anymore. He's gone, he's dead, all it's left it's his body. I don't see him going back to who he was, I think the end is near. Long live the King.

The crown of the old Kings of Mercia.
Ecbert's plans are already working.
"I hate my uncle. I want to kill him". "Good". That was likely the best lines of this episode, Björn is angry and wants to kill Rollo for betraying them, and I believe Ragnar knows he won't be able to, not only he might not win in a one on one with his brother in his current condition, I think Ragnar knows, deep in his heart, he couldn't possibly kill his brother, he loves Rollo too much, and he's showed it, in his own way, from the start. This time it cost them too much, especially with the french sneaking past them, and destroying their food and supplies, almost killing Ragnar's sons and leaving Helga badly injured.
Oh Ragnar, how much we miss you...
It's all too sad now, I guess it's worth mentioning what I believe is Floki starting to believe in the "Christian God", and Ecbert's dreams of ruling all England taking shape... But we'll probably get more on this on the next episodes.

For now, farewell! I hope you liked this review, if you did, please consider sharing it :) Leave a comment, open discussions, I'll always reply as fast as I can. Take care!

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