Vikings: Portage - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 4 of Vikings follow.

King Ecbert of Wessex and Mercia...
Aelle, watch your back!

This episode of Vikings is the first one of the season that actually had me on a rollercoaster of feelings! Yes, we lost 3 "important" characters last night, but I believe it was all well done and important to move ahead with the series...

When Ragnar snaps out of junkie-mode, he's still very clever...
Ragnar, oh Ragnar. For a moment there we got a glimpse of the brightness of our King, a clever plan to circumvent Rollo's Towers (yes, from now on I'm calling those Rollo's Towers, deal with it), to regain respect from his already too eager subjects and to, apparently, start again his friendship with Floki. Those few moments of not-so-junkie Ragnar were really good, with Floki's machinery and everyone working, it brought me back to past seasons. Kudos.

When he's in full junkie-mode..,
He becomes a careless murderer to get his "medicine"
Then the show went with it's usual crazy. seemingly random behaviour. Odo's death was long overdue, although I figured it was going to be something more public, like hanging, I mean, if you're going to kill someone for treason, let the people see it, and learn, right? Too evil? No? Oh, well, whatever!

Odo's death by Flagellation
Yidu's death was the most unexpected one, she was meant to be a big deal this season, I honestly thought she was working for Aslaug! And maybe she was, but it definitely didn't end the planned way. Ragnar went full-junkie and murdered her without a care for who might have been watching (his 2 sons, no less) just to get his hands on the remaining "medicine", it was a low point for our King, what's he going to do now that he's set to run out of it? Is there a going back to normal? Will that point mark the end of Ragnar Lothbrok?

Yidu's death by drowning
Last one to die was Kwenthrith (and I'm kinda happy I don't have to type her name anymore!), but I saw that coming too, with Ecbert now King of Wessex and Mercia, she was bound to be plainly executed or taken prisoner. It's sad, but I saw no other path for Ecbert to deal with her, she still had her name and could have proven a nuisance on his plans, and he's not one to allow that. She tried to run, failed, went to murder the King and got stabbed by Judith, who is continuously becoming less and less of the one proud christian she was. I don't think Athelstan would've approved Judith, bad girl! And, by the way guys, if you're going to kill someone and you get the chance, don't talk, kill. Jeez, it's like Kwenthrith never saw a TV show or movie in her life!

Kwenthrith's death by backstabbing
Anyway, I think it was a pretty great episode overall, next one is called Death All 'Round, so... If this one was about ships and 3 of our "important" characters died, get ready! Death is coming!

"Everything I do, Ragnar, is for you". Did he meant it? I think (and hope) so!
Bring back the Ragnar-Floki love!!!
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Will yet another of Ragnar's crazy ideas work? We'll see...
If you got any ideas on what might come next or want to discuss what has happened so far, let me know in the comments! See you next week!

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