Vikings: The Last Ship - Reviewed!

Spoilers through Season 4 of Vikings follow.

Who wants to be King!? This episode was a clever mixture of sadness, war and hope. And also was obnoxious to some things, like Björn finding out his daughter died, did he really do NOTHING about it? Oh, well...

We didn't get to see any of the English characters this time, and it was good cause they feel a bit like side-story/filling extras since Ragnar left for Paris. Ragnar, oh Ragnar... The King took his last doses of "medicine" and went ahead to get revenge on Rollo. The fight was hard, the Vikings had the upper hand at first, but Rollo and his fellow Frenchmen managed to overcome his former allies and, in a moment of epic hopelessness I've never felt in the series, we saw our favorite Vikings get injured, some of them almost die. As Björn points out later in the episode, we got to see they're just men, and some times even they fail. King Ragnar couldn't finish the duel with his brother, and it was a bitter defeat for the Vikings as much as a great victory for Rollo, who is now only second to the Emperor, after Charles got rid of both Roland and Therese in what is, according to Gisla, a very Parisian way of dealing with people you don't like.

The Vikings ran away, Ragnar disappeared and Aslaug is now the ruling Queen. Björn looks like the one leading the warriors. 12 years later the Vikings find out their fellow men over at England haven't been there since, well, basically since just after they settled there. I'd have guessed no one cared about them by now, but apparently they do, so the people at Kattegat are angry at Ragnar for hiding the truth, and Aslaug is happy about that. Gosh, can this woman get more annoying?

Ragnar came back, and he faced his people. They all know how it works, the one that kills him becomes King. Yet, it doesn't seem like, even angry as they are, anyone actually wants to kill of our Ragnar. Long live the King? I think the next half of the season will work on this, finding out who will rule next. Let's not forget Ragnar is kinda old by now. I'm still surprised he's still alive. Seems like History didn't like everyone guessing he'd die soon.

So, who wants to be King!? See you all for the next half of season! If you liked this review, please help me by sharing it so I can reach more people! Got anything to add or argue? Leave a comment!

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