Vikings: Death All 'Round - Reviewed!

Hello readers! It's time for another Vikings review!

This week I felt the show was slightly slow, and it obviously felt behind in drama and surprise considering the last episode was quite shocking. That's not to say it was a bad episode, it was a solid one, building for the mid-season finale next week.

Death All 'Round didn't have much in the death department, other than Erlendur - who was serving little purpose at this point, being just a small threat to Björn and Torvi's happiness - there were none important characters leaving us for good this week.

Ragnar is finally realizing Yidu's "medicine" is not as good as it seemed, specially now that he's running out of it. And Björn is there for him, to help him conquer Paris again, but the King is not there for Paris, he already had that, all he cares about now is his revenge on Rollo, he's even saving his last supply of "medicine" for the fight against his brother, anyone rooting for Ragnar at this point? It seems like Rollo is in a much better place.

In England, Aelle confronts Ecbert on the Mercia situation, the now King of Wessex and Mercia establishes himself as "more" than Aelle - as in, I'm King of 2 realms, you've only got one -, thus ending the nature of their alliance. They're still "friends", but they're no longer equals, Aelle is now a second to Ecbert. The King of Northumbria clearly doesn't like this new situation, but there's little he can do with Ecbert having a bigger Kingdom, bigger army and being clearly more cunning. King Ecbert is moving fast on his apparent dream of being King of all England.

In Paris, all we get to see is Roland's ambition paying off, he - and his sister, apparently - are now both consorts of Emperor Coward - also goes by Charles -, and Gisla's dislike of this new situation. The Princess wants Rollo to be the closest one to daddy, if only she knew what that means...

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