Game of Thrones: The Red Woman - Reviewed!

Hello fellow readers! Today I'm here to review, for the first time, an episode of Game of Thrones. So, starting with this 6th season you can expect a review of each episode of this amazing TV series. Have you not seen Game of Thrones? You must live under a rock! Don't you like it? It's cool, we don't all have to like it, go ahead and skip this review!

Spoilers through Season 6 of Game of Thrones follow.

Did you guys manage to sleep last night?

I'm a big fan of this TV series, I loved it since the first episode left me open-mouthed after little Bran was pushed out of a window by the Queen's brother, who was, by the way, fucking the Queen and caught doing so by Bran moments before. And you know it's a great story, cause what started for me as a burning hate for Jaime Lannister after that first episode, has turned into pity, heck, I'm sympathetic towards the guy now, 5 years later. That's how good it is.

Every series/movie/novel has it's ups and downs along the course of the story. There are moments things get quiet, even a bit boring, moments to build up for new story arcs, moments to fill space, moments to just remind the watcher/reader some random character that hasn't showed up recently is still there. This episode, this start of Season 6, was all about those moments, and they didn't even do it right.

You can safely skip this episode and the only thing you'd actually miss that might surprise you and give you nightmares (and I guess that's the whole point of naming this episode The Red Woman) is that Melisandre is actually a very old woman and the magic necklace she wears not only prevents poisoning, but allows her to look young. A must-have for every woman out there. The rest of the episode showed little to none story advancement. We all wanted Melisandre to resurrect Jon Snow, sorry, that didn't happen. We could have guessed how the main character stories were moving, it really didn't matter, it all felt like they had nothing better to show, a full episode of fill-ins.

The top of the pointlessness chart goes to Dorne. Let me sum up the story there for you: Mad King's wife (Elia Martell) was murdered (and raped) by The Mountain (who followed Tywin Lannister's orders). Oberyn (Elia's brother) goes to King's Landing over 15 years later to get revenge on the Lannisters, and until this point, it was all good and made for one of the best episodes of the show. The rest of the story there, though, can be summed up to Myrcella being sent to marry Dorne's prince and getting murdered after Oberyn died. The rest of the characters (save, perhaps, Ellaria Sand) were pointless, the story arc of Jaime going to rescue her daughter and failing was pointless, the cast of Doran and Trystane was pointless, they served no purpose. All they did is tell us that now there are no remaining members of House Martell, an honor they now share with House Baratheon, who suffered a similarly pointless story arc last season with the deaths of Stannis and Shireen.

I see people saying they're separating more and more from the books every time, and I haven't read them but it makes sense. It feels like the show only cares about killing characters and casting more to replace them, in hopes the senseless murders keep people hooked, I hope I'm wrong. I hope they focus on the stories from now, that this was an episode just to remind us where we are, I hope to see Bran and Rickon again, we've not forgotten about them!

Did you like this episode? Am I being too hard on GoT? Are my expectations too high? Leave a comment!

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RATING: 2/10 - Boring.

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