Android Studio 2

Exciting news everyone! Android Studio 2 just released today and it brings some awesome new features!

The big one is that it now comes with "instant run", which, basically, allows you to see changes on your running app as you make them! This is my favourite feature!!! It's going to save developers A LOT of time!

Also, the emulator is now up to 3 times faster, you can use cloud test lab to run your app on multiple android devices at the same time, AND there's a new debugger for OpenGL ES games and apps (and we'll eventually move to this during our 2D RPG series!) It's a good time to develop guys!

There are many other smaller things, but I believe this alone is enough to make the change ASAP, so go download it right away! If you want to check all the changes, make sure to read the Android Developers Blog's post!

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or questions, I'll gladly reply! Cya and take care!!!

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