Vikings: Yol - Reviewed!

Hello guys! We're here to review last night's episode of Vikings, Yol!

I never noticed Floki never went to The Seer... Weird, huh?
It was all about Christmas (and Yule) last night! We got to see how every culture partied to celebrate the winter holidays, and also got Björn vs the Berserker (which was an easier opponent than the bear) and a bit of love-story with Rollo and Gisla.

Rollo and Gisla <3 td="">
It's always good when this show compares the ways of the cultures, and it made this episode really fun to watch. It lacked a bit on story development, which basically only compensated for in the end, with the arrival of Harald Finehair (Or is it Fairhair?), who wants to be King of all Norway and it's probably looking to murder Ragnar... Apparently, for chicks. They're Vikings, I guess that's a valid point to want to murder someone!

Yidu drugs Ragnar with opium... Aslaug's work?
Talking about chicks, Björn kinda figures out who sent a berserker to murder him and goes and "steals" Elendur's wife Torvi as a power play. He's getting revenge, and now they know it!

In England, XMas is a big party, with a lot of sick relationships!
On the downside of hte episode, Gisla's transformation from ice-cold "wife" to I-can't-stop-banging-you towards Rollo was played way too fast. It seems all you need to get her to love you is to speak a couple words in French with a Nordic accent. On the plus side, kudos on Rollo for getting his language skills!

The French celebrate more formally... Except Rollo and Gisla!
I foresaw Ragnar's new slave (no longer a slave) Yidu was bad news for our King, and I'm even more convinced now... It seems Ragnar found something in common with her (they both have to serve others even if they don't want to), and has a crush on her... And yet, she seems to be clearly working for Aslaug, which I hope Ragnar noticed too!

While Vikings make a fiery festival for the whole town!
So, what do you think? What's in store for Ragnar, Björn and the others? Who's Floki, really? What's his mission? Let's discuss in the comments! ^^

The new bad guy? Can't say I like it...
By the way, I was wrong when I said Ragnar might never see Björn again, and I'm glad I was!

Well look who's back! Alive... and well.

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