Vikings: What Might Have Been - Reviewed!

Hello readers! I must apologize for taking SO LONG with this review! Last week was the Holy Week (the week just before Easter) and I was away so I couldn't do, well, anything. But now I've finally watched What Might Have Been and I'm ready to review it!

As usual, spoilers ahead!

 Oh, what might have been... Who hasn't wondered that at some point (or way too many) in their lives? I know I have. I don't think it's always a form of regret, it's simply in our nature to wonder. I don't think Ragnar regrets where he is now, would he change some things? Yes. If he had a chance to go back would he do things differently? Probably not. He might not be happy, he lost so much to get to where he is now, but I think he knows he could've done so much worse... At least that's what I got from what he said to Ubbe and Hvitserk when they left for Paris: "Don't waste your time looking back. You're not going that way".

Anyway, Ubbe and Hvitserk got their arms rings (are adults by Vikings standards) and went to Paris with daddy, and that might be, as Ragnar points out, safer than staying with their mother Aslaug, considering the last time she almost let them die in a frozen lake while she was cheating on the King with all-too-mysterious Harbard, who is back again and probably will bring more bad news!

In Wessex, King Ecbert sends Alfred (Athelstan's son) on a pilgrimage to Rome, accompanied by Aethelwulf and Prudentius of Troyes (the monk he called in order to sleep with Judith). Oh Ecbert, you clever bastard, now you got rid of your son (who had fallen for Queen Kwenthrith) and will have no opposition taking control over Mercia.

Ragnar and Yidu continue their weird relationship, I think it's quite safe to assume she's his mistress now. Not to mention his drug dealer. I think the show is making us think Yidu might have her own agenda and is not following orders from Aslaug, but I still don't trust her. In any case, maybe her own agenda is as bad for our King as whatever Aslaug wants. Also, Yidu's "medicine" makes Ragnar hallucinate on his Season 1 days with Lagertha, young Björn, Gyda and their farm... And he was probably thinking on what might have been. See what I did there?

Aslaug's favoritism for Ivar is shown again this episode, she's still breastfeeding him (and he must be like 5-6 years old by now, which is really weird) and seems to lack interest on whatever Sigurd does, like insulting his niece. Kids that nobody seems to care for. My 5 cents on something bad happens involving them and Harbard while Ragnar is at Paris!

In Paris, Rollo assures Emperor Coward (ehm, Charles) that he will not go back to being a viking and will instead defend the city no matter the cost, which seems to indicate Gisla must be AWESOME in bed, or something like that. Count Odo goes full sadist on Therese and reveals his plans to overthrown Charles, which means we might not see more scenes from 50 Shades of Odo.

Vikings arrive at France, murder some scouts, Harald, Halfdan and Floki burn some of them alive (which is Vikings' way of bonding). Björn is angry at everything and everyone he sees. Lagertha barks at Ragnar for leaving her. And, finally, Rollo shows himself with his new french friends, I guess attempting to put fear in the vikings' hearts. Only Björn shows his anger by screaming "UNCLE!!!", I bet the rest of them prefer to show their anger with an axe.

Only 4 more episodes to go! (I know, this season will have 20 episodes, but the last 10 episodes will release on a later date so this feels like the end of season for me, let's just say season 4-1 and eventually we'll get season 4-2!). There's been A LOT of story building, not a lot of action, but that seems to be going to change soon, I'd bet by episode 8 we'll have a lot of dead people! Anyway, did you guys like it? I sure did! Leave a comment and don't forget to share! Thanks!

PD: Working on uploading those pictures!!!

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