Vikings: Promised - Reviewed!

Hello readers! Episode 5 of the 4th season of Vikings aired last night and, sad news, we're halfway through the season and there have been NO invasions this season! We want ACTION!!!

As usual, spoilers ahead!

Father and son joking about poor parenting,
 and being poor husbands... It was funny tho xD
This episode was rather slow, with few interesting things to look forward... I think the most exciting thing is that Earl Ingstad is back!!! I told you she was going to murder Kalf! A woman that keeps her word! #TeamLagertha

Rollo and Gisla still on honeymoon phase...
At England, we get to see more of the very-messed-up royal family of Wessex, and the planning of the attack on Mercia... Also, we get a hint on what I believe is Ecbert's plan to murder Aelle and gain control over Northumbria, and eventually all of England.

Ecbert faces his God, and he's not even sorry for his sins...
During scenes at Frankia, we see Emperor Charles being warned of Odo's ambitions... All I can say is that this guy cannot be more of a coward, right? We also get a glimpse of Rollo's plans, who he actually is now and what he's willing to fight for. I don't see him back to being a Viking this time.

Ragnar and Yidu have a very complicated "relationship".
Back at Kattegat, everything revolves around the kings. Finehair  seems to be joining forces with Floki (and this time I don't see Floki betraying his new friend for Ragnar) and maybe even Aslaug, she's just being very discreet about it, seemingly using Floki as a proxy between her and Finehair. Also, on a very shocking scene, Ivar kills another kid for being a bully (and gets away with it cause his daddy is King). All the while, Ragnar and Yidu keep fooling around and playing with opium ^^. I still believe she's working for Aslaug...

Most people probably won't agree with
Viking's way of dealing with bullies... xD
Did I miss something? Did you like this episode? Leave a comment!

#TeamLagertha She's just too awesome!!!

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