Vikings: Mercy - Reviewed!

Hello guys! Today I'll be reviewing last night's episode of Vikings! Titled Mercy, this is one of those episodes that we all love and hate, the ones that build up so much that actually leave you wanting more!

Kill the Queen (episode 2) offered very little in the looking-forward department, no clear direction of where things are going, but that's not the case with Mercy! As usual, spoilers ahead!, don't read before watching the episode!

It all started great: moaning Lagertha! Of course Kalf would profess his love for her! Hell, I would! Then a little bit of plotting to kill Björn (Oh Kalf, if Lagertha finds out she'll keep her word...) using some random brute (berserk), more of Björn's new lifestyle (this time failing to hunt and facing bears) and Floki's sorrow! (With Helga at his side, because, well, he's Loki!)

Moaning Lagertha, great way to start an episode!
The part that I loved the most about this episode was the Paris situation, Rollo is really evolving from just a brute following orders from the current leader of whatever he's into at that point, to someone that actually cares for what comes next. Maybe it's out of fear, maybe he knows now it's too late to go back to the vikings, you know, having murdered his army and betrayed Ragnar.

Plotting to kill Björn has proven to be a bad idea...
But he's changing, he seems to actually want Gisla to love him, to actually care for Paris. Maybe, as many times before, all he cares is about being more than Ragnar, whatever it is, he's trying, and he's trying hard, at least for his standards. Good luck, Rollo!

Rollo during family dinner. Manners!
Let's jump to England, Aethelwulf arrives with Kwenthrith in the "safety" of Wessex. Where his daddy is back to banging his wife, who is learning to paint as payment for her... services. Also, Aethelwulf and Kwenthrith's relationship finally goes carnal! After a lot of teasing in previous season and in this episode, the Queen of Mercia finally has her way with the all too goody prince, who not two minutes before was happy to see his wife. Big change for Aethelwulf, guess if you got a cheating wife that isn't going to change, you might as well...

Uhm... Where's the rest of my deer!?
Quick sum up, both father and son have slept with Kwenthrith and Judith. They're all living in the same castle now, time for a REALLY messed up foursome anyone? We'll see!

Rollo is great student. If he doesn't learn, he kills you. Great motivation!
In the end, guess who's back!? Athelstan! In some kind of ghost form, he shows up to both Ragnar and Ecbert to, I guess, deliver a message! Ragnar got words, mercy! Mercy! (Episode's title!!!) Which he clearly understood as "free Floki" and so he did, not before scaring the living shit out of everyone who saw him pick his axe and walk to the prison-cave!

One of the few Ragnar appearances, this time with his younger children.
Telling a story to remind Aslaug he's getting back at her...
Ecbert, on the other hand, got no words and just a sign of the cross, that he took to mean a blessing, although the monk's face was more like "you bastard, sleeping with my girl, now!? May God have mercy cause I don't!". He also understood Athelstan to be dead, which no doubt he'll use to get some sad sex from his daughter-in-law...

Jedi mind trick! Oh wait, no, it's a sign of the cross with a deadly look...
Now, I said I thought Floki was getting away, he didn't have to, he was set free and he barely even lasted a bit over a whole episode in chains, what's he going to do now? Get revenge on Ragnar? Try to win him back and be the friend he supposedly is? I think he's crazy enough to defy Ragnar again. Do you agree?

Painting, men's way of getting women in the middle ages...
That's it for episode 3! What did you think of it? Did you like it? Did it leave you wanting more!? It sure did for me! Leave a comment!
Ragnar's axe, moments before freeing Floki.
Oh, bonus image here cause this moment was so cute!

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