Vikings: Kill the Queen Review

Hello readers! Vikings' 4th season's 2nd episode aired last night and it's time for a review!!! Needless to say, spoilers ahead!

Now now, I'm going to start by saying I didn't quite like this week's episode, it felt like it was lacking something, maybe it's the stories not tying together just yet, maybe the episode's title misled me into thinking Aslaug was going to die...

Björn, the fisherman.
Anyway, let's start with Björn! "Ironside" is on an adventure! He went on a vacation trip to a cabin in the middle of nowhere (that someone built, abandoned and advertised so it'd be a nice spot when you're tired of daddy getting in your nerves...), he's eager to prove himself to his father, and he's eager to catch some fish! We got nothing else from the Björn scenes, not a word, just heavy breathing... Kinda pointless imho.

Floki goes on a parkour getaway! AC7: Vikings? xD
Meanwhile in Kattegat, Floki is set free by Helga, his devoted wife, and goes on the run! Ragnar sends his men (lead by Ubbe and Hvitserk) to find him! This felt so weird... A bunch of grown, experienced warriors and hunters led by 2 kids to find the, probably, most cunning of the vikings other than King Ragnar himself... And they found him! And it was all thanks to Ubba! You'd think Floki would've got away... Oh well, he's taken back to Kattegat and Ragnar readies a new punishment, Norse Gods style!

By the way, for you Norse Gods' fans, it was nice to see Floki hiding in the water, much like Loki in the stories when he turned into a salmon to hide from the other gods.

Ecbert goes for Judith... This is so messed up it feels like GoT!
Let's go to England now, nobles of Mercia organized a coup, dethroned Kwenthrith and refused to pay tributes to Wessex. Obviously, Ecbert sees this as an opportunity to, finally, attack Mercia and take full control over his neighbors. The King sends his very disposable son to rescue the Queen and her son (which is supposedly Ragnar's son) and not a moment after Aethelwulf leaves for Mercia he's already hitting on his daughter-in-law... This time Judith doesn't agree to share the King's bed, so he goes talking on freedom, painting, religion and other stuff no one probably cared about. He even gets a monk from Frankia (that resembles Athelstan A LOT!) to teach Judith some stuff. Kinda too much trouble to get into someone's pants, for a King, that is.

Rollo playing his favourite game, "Let's kill my brother!"
 At Paris, we get to see Rollo trying to fit in with the others, he's helping Count Odo defend the city from future Vikings attacks. He also gets a haircut and new HORRIBLE and uncomfortable clothes. And gets mocked by his... Uhm...Lovely? Wife. You gotta love Rollo!

Therese and... This guy, plotting to get rid of Odo!
Also, Therese shows up again (and gets whipped again, they just didn't show us this time!) and has a rather perturbing conversation with Count Odo, they seem to dislike the coward Emperor Charles! How dare they!? Anyway, she goes then to... I don't know his name, guy that's like important but not so much. And she tells him of Odo's dislike of Charles and then they plot on getting rid of poor Count Odo... At least this gave some sense to the whipping scene in season 3...

Ragnar before bitch-slapping Aslaug
By the way! We get to see Ragnar rant about Floki to Aslaug, and beat her in the process. He's angry Floki won't apologise, he betrayed him, his trust, that's all that matters to King Ragnar. She had that coming since Siggi's death.

What took you so long?
Kwenthrith gets rescued by Aethelwulf! Although her son was all that really mattered, probably in hopes to use him to negotiate with Ragnar when they go back for revenge! It was cool to see some action, even with no vikings involved!

Ragnar helps Helga dig a grave for Angrboda
 By the end we learn that Angrboda, Floki and Helga's daughter has died, we do see her coughing at some point but it didn't look that bad... Anyway, it seems to add to Floki's punishment of being chained to 3 rocks, he's all Loki now. This means he's going to, eventually, broke free again and destroy the cosmos? We'll see!!!

Floki punished like Loki.
That's it for today's review! Let me know what you think of this episode in the comments! Did you like it? Do you agree with my views?

Thanks for reading, see you next week for episode 3, Mercy!

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