Vikings: A Good Treason Review

Season 4 of Vikings is live! Spoilers ahead!

After almost a year waiting, our heroes are back for more action! In an episode full of story-building arches and dramatic conversations, we get a glimpse of what's coming for us in the next weeks.

Floki, moments before being arrested. Doesn't Björn look good as a leader?
In short: Queen Aslaug wonders if she'll rule Kattegat (and the whole vikings) when Ragnar dies, Björn puts Floki in chains for the murder of Athelstan (much to Ragnar's dismay), Aslaug buys a new slave that seems to be going to play some important role in the future (considering all the screen time she got), Rollo gets married to a very-not-happy-about-it Princess Gisla, Lagertha joins forces (apparently, we know she promised to murder him and she seems to be the kind of woman that keeps her word) with Kalf and finally get rid of Einar, Björn decides to go on an adventure and Rollo betrays the vikings that remained outside Paris.

Who's this new slave? Ragnar doesn't seem to trust her...
So? What do I think? Hm... It's clear now there's no remaining (if there ever truly was) love between Ragnar and Aslaug, and I have a feeling she's going to try to get rid of him (maybe using the new slave girl?) in hopes to become the ruler of all vikings, that initial conversation with The Seer didn't bore well for Ragnar, but he did gave the queen a warning! "It is unwise to imagine the death of kings". Maybe she'll try and fail and Ragnar will finally get rid of her? I hope so! Never liked her character...

A very happy marriage... Right?
Now for Rollo... He just went batshit crazy AGAIN. And this time I don't think Ragnar is going to be able to pardon him... It's just a matter of whether Ragnar actually manages to get back to Paris to deal with him, since our beloved King is still in pretty bad shape and we still got to get our revenge on King Ecbert and Aethelwulf for butchering the vikings farming at Wessex... Poor ragnar, decisions, decisions... Who do you think deserves to be dealt first? Leave a comment!

Now, in Rollo's defense, he did choose not to force himself on Gisla. Kudos for that, I guess... Murderer! Betrayer!

Kalf and Lagertha... Until his death by her hands sets them apart!
For Lagertha, I think she'll become the woman ruling over the vikings that The Seer foresaw, not Aslaug. I'm my mind, she'll eventually kill Kalf and when Ragnar dies (I know, I don't want him to die, but the show has been flirting with his death for so long it's just a matter of time now) she'll become the one everyone looks up to, probably with Björn by her side. Also, she has a lot to be angry at Ecbert for, she's not missing the revenge trip to Wessex, that's for sure!

Betrayer, murderer... And probably the most important character this season.
Now Björn... Oh Björn... Still a child in ragnar's eyes, got scolded for imprisoning Floki (probably deserved, since Ragnar might not REALLY want him dead, at least not now) and leaving Rollo at paris (which Ragnar KNOWS was a bad idea, but I can't really see Björn preventing his uncle from doing whatever he wants, right? :S). Got upset and decides to go "out to the wilderness" (to a hunter's cabin) and prove daddy he can survive! I don't know why, Aslaug warning or not, but I don't think ragnar and Björn will ever see again... I hope the show proves me wrong!

Now I really want to hear what you think about this! Leave a comment and share the love for Vikings Season 4!

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