Zygor Guides 5.0.13189

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Version: 5.0.13189


* Fix for wearable quest items error.
* Improved chat /zygor way or /zw to support just map names without coordinates.
* Improved load-time error messages (better call stack visibility).
* Fixed bug in NotificationCenter's saved notifications.

[H] Icecrown:

* Added sticky steps
* Added missing quest item ID's
* Added travel lines
* Added a few helpful tips
* Corrected some quest dialogue
[A] Dun Morogh:

* Fixed an issue where the guide would skip to the end of the guide accepting the first quest.

[A] Gorgrond
* Added sticky steps to a bonus objective.
*Fixed an issue with the quest "Vol. X Pages ?", it was completing after only obtaining one out of the 20 items required for completing the quest.
*Changed the position of some sticky steps so that "use" items would show up.

[H] General fixes and improvements to the following achievements:
Breaking The Sound Barrier, Cataclysmically Epic, Cataclysmically Superior, Dual Talent Specialization, Epic, Fast and Furious, Friend or Fowl?, Giddy Up!, Going Down?, Greedy, Higher Learning, Into The Wild Blue Yonder, It's Happy Hour Somewhere, Needy, Safe Deposit, Shave and a Haircut, Superior, Tastes Like Chicken, The Right Stuff, To All The Squirrels and Pest Control Guide, Well Read Updated IDS as well as Syntax, You'll Feel Right As Rain

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