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January 8th, 2016

Version: 5.0.13153

General fixes and improvements to the following guides:

[A] Dwarf 1-5, Icecrown, Bloodmyst Isles, Vash'jr, Feralas, Howling Fjord, Eastern Plaguelands, Un'goro Crater, Silithus, Desolace, Tanaris, Felwood, [H] Zul'Drak, Grizzly Hills, Dragonblight, Borean Tundra, [B] Shadowmoon Valley

Added sticky steps, missing coordinates, additional travel lines, and fixed errors.

[A] Tanaan Jungle (6.2) Garrison Campaign\\In the Shadows:
*Corrected coodinate sending people to the Horde city instead of the Alliance one

[A] Archeology 1-600:
*Corrected typo redirecting to the wrong guide

[B] Fishing 600-700:
*Added a level check to inform players they must be level 94 before proceeding to the next quest.

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