Zygor Guides 5.0.13114

Sorry for the lack of updates for the Zygor Guides! I've been really busy with personal projects and pretty much off WoW lately. Also, whenever I find time to play WoW I hardly feel the need for this guide anymore, leveling 1-90 is a breeze, and now with 1-100 heirlooms even 90-100 goes really fast. Plus, the in-game quest system pretty much tells you where to go so Zygor became kinda pointless for me. Anyway, I know a lot of you like it, plus it really helps when you're new to things, so i'll try to keep it as updated as I can.

Here's the download link. As usual, latest version available.

De nuevo con las subidas de las guías de Zygor, espero les sirva! Nos vemos en el juego!

Descarga aquí! Es la última versión disponible.

Oh, if you want feel free to add me on BNet, my tag is Lyon#1349. I play all blizzard games except Overwatch.

Si quieren pueden agregarme a BNet, el tag es Lyon#1349. Juego todos los juegos de Blizzard menos Overwatch.

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