Android 2D RPG - Part 3: Creating our App

Hello dear readers! This is part 3 of the 2D RPG for Android series!

Let's begin then, we're finally going to go ahead and launch Android Studio and run into this:

Click on "Start a new Android Studio project".

In this next screen we'll give our game a name. On Company Domain, just put the address (without the "http://www.") of your website (i.e., for me it'd be, don't stress over this, it's simply a convention, you can use your blog or something, it's just to make your app "yours". Don't mind the Project Location. Click on next.

Here make sure only the "Phone and Tablet" option is checked and, as we previously discussed, pick API 8 for minimum SDK. Click on next.

Now we have to pick the first (main) activity, for our purposes, an Empty Activity will do. Click on next.

At last, we can give our activity a name, the default one will do, uncheck generate layout file, we won't need it. Click on finish and wait for the project to load.

And... This is it. We've successfully created our game app that does absolutely nothing besides showing the app name xD

For running your apps for texting, I recommend your follow the steps here Running Your App (On a Real Device) or Running Your App (On the Emulator). For personal taste, I find testing on the emulator much more convenient, if slightly slower.

Well, we have our app, thank you all very much for reading. I'll start working on Part 4: The Game Loop ASAP, there we will draw a simple image endless times to show the basics of the game loop and rendering images.

Take care and please share! :)

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