The Force Awakened!

I've been writing this post for almost 2 weeks now, it seems like it's time to publish it, although I'm not entirely "happy" with it...

Let's begin with a SPOILERS INSIDE!!! cause I don't want any complains about it. If you watched the movie or don't really care about it, go ahead and check this out, otherwise, begone!

First of all, I'd like to share a bit of my background with the Star Wars franchise...

Being a guy in my late 20s, I wasn't around when the original trilogy came out. Instead, I watched those movies a couple years later, say around 1995, which made A New Hope old enough to buy and drink beer. I'd like to send special thanks to my uncles for getting me into the series, cause with movies already with much better special effects, I wasn't keen on watching Star Wars. And I'll be forever glad, because the story was absolutely amazing, and the concepts stayed with me all my life. I NEEDED more and, thankfully, The Phantom Menace was right around the corner... Movie theatre with my uncle, soda, popcorn and my lightsaber... Life was GREAT!!!

I was 17 by the time the second trilogy was over. And even though I agree with most people on the original trilogy being much better, I loved Episodes 1-3 almost as much as the others. Yes, the originals had better characters (Han Solo alone is too much!), a better story and, quite frankly, that feeling of not knowing how it's gonna end... Cause knowing Yoda ends up hiding in a swamp, Kenobi in Tatooine and both Skywalker's kids spread apart kinda ruins those movies. No matter how much you're looking forward to how things tie-up, there were really no big surprises. Or was anyone really hoping Yoda would defeat Palpatine in that last fight between the two? No, and that took a lot from it. I guess if someone were to ask me in which order to watch them for the first time, I'd recommend from Episode 1 to 7, not the originals first, so there's always that sensation that anything can happen.

Oh, btw, I did love Jar Jar, so deal with that, haters. He was a fun (however dumb) character, and to me it was to show that there are those kinds of people in every world, from every race. Not everyone can be dead-serious all the time.

Anyway, enough with the background... Here we are, 10 years after the last Star Wars movie. For me, it was premiere date at midnight with my girl, and I was happy, excited, nervous... It's hard to explain how much I built that movie up in my mind, how much it meant to me everything that was about to happen, definitely, SW is not just a movie, not for a lot of people, it's more, much more...

Emotions were running high! The advertising started, couldn't care for anything, I just wanted Star Wars!!! And then... The tears! STAR WARS logo on screen, the sounds, the opening crawl... While some people were wooing and some others screaming in excitement, I was crying. Nostalgia won that night!

Well, I guess the spoilers actually start now! You've been warned (twice!)

First, a brief summary. Rebels Resistance steals some info and hide in a cute robot named R2-D2 BB-8, robot is sent to deliver info to important guy, unexpected heroes help when things go south on Tatooine Jakku, a girl gets kidnapped and then gets rescued, a Death Star Starkiller Base is blown up, Obi Wan Han Solo dies, new hero goes to train with old guy. Guess which movie it is!? It's A New Hope The Force Awakens!!!!!

But I don't hate it, I get what this movie was really about, it's been almost 40 years! This is all about the nostalgia: The Millennium Falcon, never-ages Han Solo and Chewbacca duo, looking-old Leia, brain-dead R2-D2, Luke's lightsaber, Vader's mask... The nostalgia game was brought shameless! And it gave a sense of familiarity to the old fans, while not forgetting about building the story for the new ones. After all, it's not like Hollywood doesn't re-hash old classics all the time... At least they did it with style this time!

What really sold me to this movie are the new characters, the ones destined to take over. Rey (in love with her already, there's just something about a girl that can handle a stick...), FN-2187 (ok, I'll call him Finn) and Poe. We don't know much about them yet, but I like how they set up the story for them, so that they were not totally eclipsed by the old folks, kudos on that. Oh, I also absolutely loved BB-8, but no droid will ever overtake my sweet spot for R2-D2, nice try!

But being honest the movie wasn't perfect, and the low point for me (and a lot of people last I checked) was Kylo Ren. I just don't buy his anger and so-called-confusion, he just seems like a little brat angry at mommy and daddy. I can't see how Luke would let this fool destroy his New Jedi Order. We can only hope they explain this a bit more... In any case, a tip for the next movies Kylo, keep the mask on, bro.

I guess all I have left to say is... I just hope Episode VIII is not gonna be The Empire First Order Strikes Back, it worked once, will not work twice. We want a new story, a really new movie, and I hope they let Luke be a part of the fight, would hate to see him go all Yoda and just talk and move stuff with the force and then disappear. Who wouldn't LOVE to see Luke face Kylo Ren? Maybe try to bring him back to the light before kicking his buttocks? I hope he doesn't die like Han Solo, he needs at least a fight!

Thanks for reading :) I guess I'd give this movie an 8/10, definitely worth watching it a couple times, it really helps you get a better understanding of everything that's going on. take care guys!

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