SWTOR Review

Yes, I did it. I went and played SWTOR for a bit over 4 months... And this is my review from the current state of the game. (Patch 4.0.2a, KotFE) Tl;dr? If you like SW, if you like a good story-centered RPG, give it a shot. If you don't, there are definitely way better (and also some F2P) MMORPGs out there.

I'll divide the post in in-game levels, which are increased each expansion.

Levels 1 to 50. "Vanilla SWTOR". The 8 classes storylines are probably the best MMORPG quests and stories you could find atm. The bad? It might as well be an offline RPG, and it'd probably be better if it was. Grouping is absolutely unnecessary while levelling nowadays. You can do all these quests as F2P, so no worries there, this part definitely recommended for EVERYONE.

Levels 50 to 55. Rise of the Hutt Cartel. Great, cool, shady storyline, if you play an empire class, that is. The republic side story here is dull and boring, to say the least. Class stories vanish here, it's just one story for republic and another for empire. Not just that, you'll need to sub for at least a month to gain access to this and everything past it. Sorry F2Ps, just a month of sub will do, tho. I hope this post helps you decide if it's worth the 15US$, probably not for everyone.

Levels 55 to 60. Shadow of Revan. The storyline is great, the first time. Second time, different side? Feels like the same, but still good. 3rd time on? Annoying. The thing is, since you've subbed, you've probably played the 8 classes stories, to get the most out of the game, so you try to level them up, that means you want to do THE SAME leveling here 8 times! There's basically no variety, no zones you can choose to level at or skip, no optional quests to take, it's all too linear. It doesn't get better.

Levels 60 to 65. Knights of the Fallen Empire. Here they really ruined it! They launched 9 chapters of story with more to come, which makes it feels like totally incomplete, rushed content. It's even more linear than SoR, no choices whatsoever during levelling other than doing one objective before another or vice-versa, still gotta do them both. To make things worse, the story makes you feel that everything you've done so far was for nothing. You end up getting to 65 around chapter 5, and still HAVE to finish all 9 chapters to get to the endgame zone. Boring during the first run, unbearable to do with alts. And what made it quite possibly the worst expansion I've ever seen for ANY game, absolutely no NEW endgame content, just rehashed old one.

As you can see, it got boring for me and I felt a bit insulted by the last "expansion". That said, I'm planning on re-subbing when they've released every chapter of KotFE, and will just sub to do those and quit again, no more chances to BW, there's Legion coming next year and that's gonna have my full attention! Demon Hunter anyone?

So, if you're in the mood, try F2P, do the 8 basic storylines, they are REALLY good, if you still like it, sub a month, play as much RotHC, SoR and KotFE as you can, and then, go play something else :)

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