Legacy of the Void Review

The final battle for Aiur! Even if you're actually on Aiur for like 3 missions only...

If you, like me, played the original SC + Broodwars some 15+ years ago, you're old, and also you were eager to put an end to that story! So maybe you did like I did and pre-purchased LotV months ago (DD edition for me, love my WoW/D3 goodies xD) and excitedly went through the best campaign in the series!

That's LotV, the BEST SC campaign ever. I don't know about multiplayer, I hardly ever do competitive multiplayer nowadays and I'm not planning on it, I'm just more into MMORPGs. But the singleplayer campaign of SC2:LoTV was amazing, the perfect ending to one amazing story.

Needless to say, countless spoilers are coming, since this is a review of, well, the story xD

First great thing about this "xpac" (it's a standalone game that still feels as an xpac), t's that they added a "Story so far" short video to summarize everything from SC to SC2:HotS, cause even if you did play all the games and even read the side-stories, it's a big much to remember everything, much appreciated.

And here we start, Zeratul is ninja'ing his way through Xel'naga knowledge, digging deep in the universe secrets trying to come with a glimpse of hope to defeat Amon, who in turn has a ridiculous massive army of Hybrids ready to wipe every being from the galaxy. Here we face the Tal'darim, aka bad protoss that follow Amon and eventually find that vision that says we don't have to ultimately die, everything is cool now.

The Templar Protoss led by Artanis are ready to take back Aiur with yet-another ridiculously big army, the infamous Golden Armada, but this is Starcraft, you can't start a campaign with a huge army and the odds in your favor, so Artanis loses the whole Golden Armada to Amon through the Khala (a thingie that lets all Protoss share thoughts, and apparently allows an evil being to control them). And, major loss, Zeratul sacrifices himself to severe Artanis from the Khala, I cried a bit, I won't lie, 17 years to see Zeratul kick some ass and he dies after a couple missions... I rage quitted for a couple hours.

From now on is pretty much your average SC campaign, start with few units, get more as you progress, discover buildings, techs, etc. But this time, factions join your Protoss, and each faction brings different units, and you can choose from the pool which ones you'd like to use in each mission, this creates a HUGE amount of possibilities to face each mission. It's a clear improvement on the past 2 SC2 releases, since this time those "upgrades" are not set in stone after you pick them, you don't have to replay the campaign just to see how things were like if you'd chosen a different path.

And then there's the Spear of Adun, a marvelous piece of eye-candy Blizzard-made, with another set of abilities to use in each mission and gave it all even MORE variety, also switchable for every mission and, arguably, a complete game changer in the hardest difficulties, I found that not setting the Spear and units to better perform in each mission made them specially complicated to do on Brutal, kudos on that.

So, you recruit your factions (even the Tal'darim when they realize they're also alive and going to die in Hybrid hands), face Amon's forces in many worlds, meet with Jim Raynor and kick some ass together, meet with Sarah Kerrigan (aka Queen of Blades) and learn the Xel'naga were killed by Amon and you're all that's left to face him, gather a small army and go save the Golden Armada, releasing them from the Khala, stop one second to take a breath and... Amon time! A rather simple mission (sadly) to destroy Amon's Hybrid body and send him back to the void.

Everything's good now, everyone's happy, except Kerrigan, she's going to the void to end Amon, Artanis and Raynor tag along, it's show-time. These last 3 missions are rather more difficult than the whole campaign, even on Normal they're not easily doable, plus you need to play each mission as a different race, so it might take a bit to get used to after playing over 20 missions as Protoss.

At the end, Sarah turns Xel'naga, Amon finally dies, and we get a brief recount on how things go for everyone after the final battle, nothing particularly interesting or unexpected except... Somehow Sarah turns back into a Terran, this time even better than after WoL, looks completely human again, and seemingly ends up with Raynor, a happy ending for my beloved space cowboy, the perfect reward for our hero.

If you like the SC saga, you need this game, if you haven't played SC, give it a shot, it's a great story.

Thanks Blizzard for almost 20 years of fun, En Taro Zeratul!

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