Zygor Guides 4.0.5423

Download here!

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  1. A question, did you mean 4.0.5432 instead of 4.0.5423? I couldn't find a 4.0.5423 version. Thanks again!

  2. 5423 didn't make it to zygor update page, but WAS an update before 5430. They discussed it in the official zygor forums.
    "Just some bug fixes for the pointer like 5418. The original fix with 5418 didn't work so there were some extra attempts at fixing it until we succeeded and they were just done fast without the change log having anything added because we were trying to get it fixed as quickly as possible."

  3. Just downloaded this and the guide arrow is very buggy. The very latest update is supposed to fix these issues. From the Zygor site:

    Version: 4.0.5438 Released on: November 16th, 2012
    * Pointer no longer fails to show an arrow when travel is off.

    My arrow is disappearing constantly even with the guide turned on. I'll be downgrading until this is all sorted out :-/.

    Thank you for the continuous updates Zid!

  4. ^ TGC-Sysop cant use that Version says "Out of Date" :/ please contact me

  5. Does someone already have version 4.0.5473? That's the newest one for 5.1


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