Zygor Guides 4.0.5284


Enjoy and share :)


  1. Is there a reason the ZygorGuides folder and everything inside of it was encrypted?

    1. Do you mean archived? How are the addon files encrypted? They seem fine to me as always.

      Thank you Zid!

  2. On the download, after i unzipped the archive, the folder was green and it was encrypted by windows. I unchecked the Encrypt files box after right clicking the folder and selecting properties.

  3. confirmed - NOTHING wrong with the archives or the mod. Sounds like a personal setting in your pc.

  4. thank you for the mod! and for keeping up to date when you can. I have the official ally, but not horde or all the misc. Too over priced. Zygor wants more for this mod than the game cost: $250 for the whole thing(that's at $50 each modual). And for anyone complaining in Zygors favor, should not be here on this blog! while I do appreciate the hard work "they" have invested - this is NOT Microsoft Office! and should not be priced as such.


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