Zygor Guides 4.0.5174

Seems like they're updating a lot lately, I hope many bugs are fixed in every release, I found a few while 1-90 and during the endless dailies of Pandaria... Anyway,

Download Here!

Pass: zidsblog

Enjoy and share!


  1. Total value of gray items always showing. Can you do a repair of your 4.0.5174 client and repost please.

    1. Wow... could you be even more a freakin douchebag.. The OP generously posts an awesome WOW add-on for free AND updates regularly and you complain about some bullshit error telling him to fix it. Not only are you ignorant but rude. Go buy the guide and complain on the official forums, idiot.

  2. Well it is not MY client, it's just how it is. There should be a function to hide that frame.

  3. That thing is very annoying. I checked main forums and only thing I found was - repair with updater, which is not possible. At least I dont know how to do it. There is new version but that didn't fix it either. If anyone come up with solution please post it here. Thanks

  4. that may be zygor's workaround for those that pay for the client. If this continues just hide the frame behind something. like your actionbars or the zygor quest tracker itself.

  5. Just wanna post this for ppl who r asking for hotfixes...if r complaining about the issue, go look for yourself, and stop being rude with ppl who dont have any obligations to post something for ppl like u, who dont give a shit....

    ANYWAY, http://zygorguides.com/archive/ look the version download for yourself and stop complaining with this nice guy


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