Finally got my Zul'Aman Bear

After almost 16 months since the release of Patch 4.1.0, Rise of the Zandalari, I finally decided to grab a couple guildies and go for the mount. After all, everyone had it but me, and now they don't need it on their alts since it's gonna be account wide in a bit over a month :)

Long story short, we had 8 minutes leftover. So, if any of you don't have it already (rumor is it's being retired when MoP launches) you can easily get it now. My guildies and I were raid geared (normal DS) and we never had a hard time while on it. In 5 days 5 of you could have it!

Good luck!

Note: my guild is recruiting!!! We need all kind of raiders and pvpers! Server Garrosh, guild Demons Refuge. If you need any other info, whisper Acex or just anyone from the guild! We take new players and just about everyone non annoying too. So... If you feel like a fresh start coming MoP, we're raiders, not hardcore (currently 3/8) and really friendly and cool. Hope some of you come to us! :)


  1. i still didnt see any note saying that some mounts are going to be retired when mop comes, but ppl keep talking about this so i dont know if is true

  2. Hey, I was just wondering if you were gonna post the new guide, pweety pweese? :3

  3. Tusks, can't say if they're removing those either, but might as well get it now that it is so easy xD.

    New guide is up!


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