2012 OS Choices

It's been a while since last I posted something unrelated to WoW, but I felt like it, for a change.

I recently bought my first Mac, a mid 2011 Mac Mini, that came with Mac OS X Lion, I wanna start here.

Installation? All Macs come with OS installed, no need to bother your users with that. Freedom? Most people don't need that kind of freedom.

First boot. Couple of simple configurations, language, keyboard layout, time zone. 2 minutes top.

Included applications. Pretty much EVERYTHING a common user would need. A great browser (Safari), a great music player (iTunes), video player, DVD player, chat client, calendar and all that stuff. But it could use more games (other than Chess xD).

Easy of use. For a first timer with Mac OS X/iOS it can take a while, but natural gestures, Launchpad and Mission Control rapidly start to become "how could I ever use a PC without this???" features.

The best of it? The eyecandy, the security, the well-made non-crashing software, fast boots and powerdowns and many more features.

The downside? It's expensive, some software might not be available for Macs (but this happens less everyday and you can always use boot camp, preincluded, to install Win7 on your Mac, which is something you really shouldn't do unless extremely necessary since it's a big waste of space).

Conclusions, it's money well expended. Rather pay more for something really good, that works really good and won't let you down, than expend a bit less for crappy software.

Now let's talk about my all-time favorite, Ubuntu, in version 11.10 ATM.

Installation. It has eyecandy even here! Which is good for people that cares about looks. Not so complicated to install if you choose to. Lots of freedom.

First boot. It'll be the same as all the boots, fast, clean and shiny.

Included applications. Everything but the restricted stuff (private drivers and stuff). Which may lead to a couple lines on the terminal to be all ready to use (or clicks in the Software Center).

Easy of use. They complicated things a bit with Unity, but if the user at least owns/owned a smartphone with iOS/Android/Bada or even the crappy BlackBerry OS for BBs with touchscreen, it's easy to get used to.

Best of it. It's FREE. It works great, it's secure and it's FREE. And you're also free with it, you decide how you want it to look and how you want it to work, and always have many many options.

Downside. Applications, but there's always an alternative, and you can install other OSs alongside it, not necessarily Win7.

Conclusions, a must have. I don't recommend trying to install it on a Mac, though, unless you really know what you're doing.

And now, Windows 7, which I stupidly installed on my old PC and regret almost immediately.

Installation. TERRIBLE. The disk utility is horrible and amazingly hard to understand. No wonder why they always want to ship PCs with this already installed, users would quit trying to.

First boot. Slow, it takes forever "configuring" stuff. Then it promps you with an infinity of "important stuff" that you need to choose. It tries to make you feel free, but it annoys you in the process.

Easy of use. They got a big 0 here, the bar is a mess, it hides stuff, it takes a 100 clicks to get where you want and no matter how eyecandy it may look, it's implementation is terrible. The gadgets are completely useless and make everything even slower. The control panel is a COMPLETE MESS. And the worst of it, the libraries/directories, it's a mess, the feeling of folders is completely lost and the only good thing is, again, the eyecandy, which, let's face it, it's not that awesome either.

Best of it. Some people might say the eyecandy, which is like the most stupid thing to look for in a OS. I'm gonna say it's the amount of software designed for it, but multi-platform software is the future, so no big deal here.

Downside. Everything. The last "decent" piece of software made by Microsoft was XP. Nuff said. I'd even say Vista has less issues than this crap, except for the excessive hardware requirements.

Conclusions. It sucks. If it came with your machine, what are you waiting for? Get Ubuntu ASAP and delete that crap for good. If you're planning of getting a new PC, if you can afford a Mac, go for it, if you can't, build your own machine and never pay a penny for this "os".

Thanks for reading this whole thing. Oh! And remember, FUCK SOPA. Internet is meant to be free!


  1. FUCK SOPA!!!! I see megaupload got done... wankers, does America want to rule the fucking world? Jesus and apparently they went for Hitler only to become one a few years later.

  2. Mate are you still doing the Zygor stuff? Been a long time since you posted anything:) P.S. let me know if you woudl prefer an e-mail address.

  3. bro.. dude.. please update the zygor guides man.. i beg you..

  4. Zygor has been updated. I did miss the thing for quite a while xD


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