Zygor Guides 3.3.2954

Hi guys! New version is up and better than ever! Enjoy!


1. Download.
2. Extract.
3. Copy extracted folders to your WoW/Interface/AddOns folder.
   - Both Horde and Alliance folders are included, if you don't play both, don't worry, WoW will only load the appropriate guide.
4. Launch WoW.
5. Once you are logged in and at your character screen, click the AddOns button and make sure that ZygorGuidesViewer and ZygorTalentAdvisor are checked.
6. Launch the game and enjoy.

Bug Fixes:
(October 14th, 2011)
Zygor Guides Info:
The Cataclysm is upon us! Level from 1-85 now with the fastest, most feature rich guide in the world.

    Completely Redesigned Minimalist User Interface. Switch Between Full or Mini View Modes, the choice is yours
    4 Full 1-60 Guides For Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms. 40 Zones Covered, 12 More Than Competing Guides
    2 Full 60-70 Guides For Outland and Northrend
    5 Full 80-85 Guides For All Cataclysm Zones
    Goblin and Worgen Starter Guides Included
    In-Game Talent Build Advisor For All Skill Trees
    Built In Waypoint Arrow, No TomTom Or Other Addons Needed
    NEW! Loremaster Achievement Guide
    All Dailies Covered for both Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King.
    Covers all Prerequisites Required To Unlock Dailies including full zone guides for Uldum and Deepholm.
    Speed Gold Runs Make You Over 300 Gold In Just An Hour
    Includes All 10 Seasonal Events Needed For The What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been Achievement
    Get Your Crusader Title And Earn Epic & Heirloom Items


  1. Nice one, been using Dugi's not Zygor's as it had the professions also. Tried to merge the 4.7 with the latest 5.2, didn't quite get the result I wanted:) data seemed same to me but the new 5.2 wasn't pulling the xml guides... no idea why and I did look at the code but might be a little beyond me.

    Since I see you updating this more often maybe I should use it, need to get my DK from 80 to 85 ASAP...

  2. It's easier for me to update Zygor's Guide since I don't own Dugi's xD. Anyway, always liked Zygor's and now it seems more "complete". Hope you enjoy, new version is up btw!


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