Zygor Guides 3.1.2260


Zygor Guides Version 3.1.2260

Version: 3.1.2260

Last Updated On:

June 10th, 2011
Horde Guides Change Log:
Silverpine Forest
Only BloodElf tag in first step changed
Travel point had error was showing nil, fixed spelling.
Goblin zone now goes to Northern Barrens next instead of Ashzara, due to linear questing.
Ashzara Guide 12-14 combined with 14-21 due to prequest conditions.
Silithus, changed quest Dearest Natalia so it could be accepted after patch changes.
Talents Change Log:
Unholy Deathknight, Added in talent point to complete spec.
Feral Druid, changed glyph of rake (no longer available) to glyph of Barkskin.
Death Knight Blood Spec, added talents to complete spec. (Crimson Scourge)
Priest, Changed Glyph "spirit of redemption" (no longer ingame)
Shadow Priest Talents Re-worked.
Fixed Unholy Death Knight spec
Guides Viewer Change Log:
* Added / Edited NPCs

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