Zygor Guides 3.1.1972

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Zygor Guides Version 3.1.1972

Version: 3.1.1972

Last Updated On:

April 5th, 2011
Alliance Guides Change Log:
* Changed first step in Elwynn Forest 7-10 guide to be the last step in Elwynn Forest 5-7 guide
* Improved quest path in Netherstorm
* Improved quest path in Shadowmoon Valley
* Improved some Borean Tundra travel routes to account for new Cataclysm changes
Horde Guides Change Log:
* Improved quest path in Netherstorm
* Improved quest path in Shadowmoon Valley
Guides Viewer Change Log:
* Fixed Single Guides to Show Alone in Suggest Tab to Avoid Confusion
* Fixed Guide Losing Transparency Setting After Combat
* Fixed Freeze Arrow Option (and renamed to "Non-interactive" in Waypoints options for clarity)
* Fixed Clogwerk Arrow Color-by-Direction Not Working
* Fixed Quest Detection Weirdness (some quests were being marked as completed when not even accepted yet)
* Fixed Mobs With Commas in Their Names Being Incorrectly Pluralized
* Fixed Corpse Arrow Not Working
* Fixed View Creature NPC Bugs - Should now always display the correct npc
* Fixed SIS "Skip to Next Guide Early" Popup to Wait to Display Until Out of Combat
* Added Warning When Loading Guide Section With Too High Initial Level (actually, if the guide is improper for any reason)
* Added "Corpse humour" Option - You may now disable corpse arrow comments :-)
* Added New Player Position Arrow to Minimap - A cosmetic difference from the default one, just a tiny tweak so that the arrow rotates on its gem pivot, not on its own center and swiveling the pivot around. Will option this later, just in case you prefer the default player arrow functionality.
* Added Zygor Logo to Warning Boxes For Clarity
* Added / Edited NPCs
Talent Advisor Change Log:
* Fixed Talent Advisor Dropping Selected Build
* Fixed Talent Advisor Incorrectly Claiming Talents Out of Order


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    Isn't that just great!? Thanks for the info...

  2. For sure. It didnt say anything else. It was just an info =)

  3. Any chance you could upload the newer ones to fix some of the bugs in this version? I think we all would appreciate it a lot.

  4. Updated. I've been on vacations so I didn't mind much about the blog xD


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